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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Outline for Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic series

Amderesta The 3rd Republic: The Vellans Administration(writing)

Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic series

Amderesta The 3rd Republic(Published)
Amderesta The 4th Republic #1. The NDEG Mission(writing)
Amderesta The 4th Republic #2. The SSAAR-Yenturian-Amderestan War(writing)
Amderesta The 4th Republic #3. The Colonization(published)
Amderesta The 4th Republic #4. The Bytoris Plague(Published)
Amderesta The 4th Republic #5. Operation Retribution(Published)
Amderesta The 4th Republic #6. The Alien War/EGA-Amderestan War/Army Command(published)
Amderesta The 4th Republic #7. Return To Civilian Control (published)
Amderesta The 4th Republic #8. The Amderestan-Analkian EGA War(published)

Above is a list of books in my Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic series published and unpublished in cronological order. I'll be adding more books to the list as my series is ongoing.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Amderesta The 4th Republic #3. Finished

Well here's an update on Amderesta The 4th Republic #3. The Colonization, I finished writing it earlier this and I'm currently in the process of making it available in paperback format through Createspace and Amazon's US site. Also It'll be available to download in Kindle format if you have a Kindle device or app for PC, iPad, iphone, Mac, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Phone 7.

Part of the royalties I recieve from the paperback sales of Amderesta The 4th Republic #3. The Colonization will be donated to Team Isabella. Team Isabella is a fund setup by my half-brother and sister-in-law's friend to raise money towards an emotional support dog for her daughter Isabella. Visit Team Isabella at for more information on Isabella's progress.

If you can afford to buy a paperback copy of any of my Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic series books,thanks. If not I understand in either case spread the word.

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hannakuh,


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Bit about the Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic series

The thing about wriing a book series is explaining the plotlines to people just enough to get them interested in buying your book. If you are an author, you most likely know or exprienced what I'm talking about.

Before I begin detailing the sypnosis for my Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic series books, I list the current and soon-to-be-available books in the series. The series starts out with Amderesta The 3rd Republic, and picks up in Amderesta The 4th Republic #1., Amderesta The 4th Republic #2. Amderesta The 4th Republic #3. Amderesta The 4th Republic #4. Amderesta The 4th Republic #5. Amderesta The 4th Republic #6, Amderesta The 4th Republic #7 and Amderesta The 4th Republic #8. The second, third, fourth, and ninth books are still being written along a prequel to Amderesta The 3rd Republic.

Now on to the sypnosis. The Amderesta: The 3rd/4th Republic series is a science fiction fiction set in the fictional Amdronian Group containing different galaxies populated by humans and aliens in late 89,000s early to mid 90,000s. The books in my series have a number of plotlines that weave their way from each of the different books.

One storyline is the Moderate Blackanians forming a resistance movement and eventually overthrowing the Blackanian Federation, a government with the goal of taking over the Amdronian Group.

Another storyline is the 4th Amderestan Republic and Antarian Republic's war against the Northern Group Alliance in books 4, 5, 6, 7. This storyline runs concurrently with the Blackanian-AGA War storyline that details the Blackanian-EAF attack on the Amdronian Group Alliance while the 4th Amderestan Republic is preoccupied with NGA and the outbreak of the Byoris Virus (developed in the first four books of the series by the Ranchanians.

The Moderate Blackanian resistance movement is touched upon throughout the first eight books in the series, starting out as a cladestine organization in Amderesta The 3rd Republic to ultimately aiding the AGA Military Forces in defeating the Radical Blackanian Military Forces.

Another thing that is dealt with in the series is how war affects families of military personnel directly or indirectly. To bring this point across, a few characters have issues with events they witness throughout the series and use their experiences to shape who they are. Feel free to comment on this post or ask me any questions. Have a Merry Christmas or Happy Hannakuh


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Free Kindle Promotion

Since the Kindle version of my Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic series books are enrolled in Amazon's Kindle Select Program, Amazon Prime Members can download my books for free on their Kindles. In addition to this, I can promote my books for free. Normally you have to pay 99 cents if you are buying from Starting tomorrow, the first book in my Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic series Amderesta The Third Republic will be free to download.

Take advantage of this five day offer and tell people you know who like science fiction novels.

If you are interested in downloading my book visit and leave me feedback.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Amderesta The 4th Republic #3 Excerpt

Copyright 2011 by Daniel Zazitski All Rights Reserved in the United States and other countries by virtue of the Berne Convention. No authorized coping by any means, except the use of qoutations for criticism, commentary, or review.

Chapter 1

The next morning on Crescent, President Jonathan Tenlon sat in his office with his Press Secretary to go over his address to the Amderestan people.
At 0700 hours, the State Minister, Education Minister, Commerce Minister, Health Minister, Transportation Minister, and Communications Minister met in the Level 20 Briefing Room to discuss the post-war recovery. President Jonathan Tenlon entered the briefing room with the Amderestan Census Agency Director, Jack Tilsan, who had a five by three inch datapad which contained Census figures on it.
President Jonathan Tenlon said, "Today’s briefing concerns the recovery of the war ravenged areas. The Amderestan Video-Audio Communication Service is reporting a number of planetary systems with disruptions of transmissions. 3 trillion people have been left homeless from the nine years of war, and the Medical Centers are reporting shortages of personnel."
Over the next 10 hours, the six cabinet members discussed a recovery plan for the 4th Amderestan Republic.
Two days later in the Senate building, the Region and State Senators held an emergency meeting to appropiate funding to recovery programs, and organization of tribunals for the senior SSAARDF and YDF Occupational Forces. Senator Linkas, who represented Airiana Seven motioned for a vote to repeal the Conscription Act of 90,002, and was seconded by Conservative Senator Tilsain, representive of Tinlas Eight.
"The motion to vote on repealing the 90,002 Conscription Act has gone through. ”Chief Senator Zeratin said," All in favor of repealing the 90,002 Conscription Act, raise your hand."
The Unionist, Conservative, and half of the democrat senators voted in favor of repealing the 90,002 Conscription Act, while the Republican and other Democrat Senators voted to retain the 90,002 Conscription Act.
"The ayes have 30 percent, while the nays have 70 percent." Chief Senator Zeratin said, “The 90,002 Conscription Act remains in force.”
Over on Amderestan Military-Controlled Calron Three, 25 officers in the 95th ASC Infantry Assault Patrol set up three checkpoints along the main street of Tinlas City, as they searched for SSAAR colaberators over the next eight hours.

Meanwhile on Matilda Five, Commander Talisan sat in the officer’s club with three Security Officers and they played a game of nine ball. At the bar, Captain Lukan ordered a pint of Taronian ale, and was served by the bartender, who poured a blue liquid into a tall narrow glass and slid it over to Captain Lukan, and he took a sip. At a round table, 12 officers from the Calondia AA-3479-J played a game of straight poker for gold or sliver Amderestan Credits.

Over the next three weeks, the Amderestan Census Agency made a list of 60 trillion Amderestans to colonize the ten northern NDEG galaxies. 400 Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups was selected for deployment to the NDEG Protectorate.
On January 24, 90,010, Sydney Forrester sat in the living area of the Forrester’s quarters on Matilda Four with her twin brother, John-Jack Forrester and mother, Lt. Commander Laura Forrester and they read the Taronia City News on their datapads.
Five minutes later, an Amderestan Civilian Security agent stood outside the Forrester’s quarters with a court summons.
“Miss Forrester,” The Agent said,” You’ve been summoned to appear at the YDF Officer’s War Crimes Tribunal on Crescent.”
Sydney Forrester got up from the couch, and took the datapad from the ACS Agent’s right hand.
“This concerns my witnessing of the massacre of the 10,000 Taronians in the park next to the primary school during the YDF Occupation.” Sydney Forrester said.
“You’re correct,” The Amderestan Civilian Security Agent repiled,” Two Amderestan Military Security teams have been assigned to escort you to the tribunal. The YDF Occupational Officers, who killed those people didn’t want you to see the massacre and they have someone lined up to make sure you don’t testify.”
“When do we leave?” Sydney Forrester asked
“Febuary 1st at 0415 hours.” The ACS Agent said,” Crescent Civilian Security Force personnel have arranged a safe house for your stay on Crescent.”
Eight hours later on the Alantina, six five enlistee Engineering teams stepped out of the main elevator, and they entered the central corridor. 345 feet of electrical power conduits, and relays were recently installed by another Engineering team. 200 feet on the port side, Captain Lewis’ team installed eight Computer Access Terminal Stations and indicator lights in the ceiling. Meanwhile in the Level Four Engineering Section, Lieutenant Commander Mark Talins, a graduate from Amderestan Spacefleet Corp Academy, stood at the Main Power console, and he activated the main power grid for level four, which brought systems online.
On January 25, 90,010, Brigadier General Jonathan Lencon sat in his office on Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K, and read over the refit reports from the Base Matilda Four Engineering personnel. At 0800 hours, ASCCOS Commander Crentuin contacted Brigadier General Jonathan Lencon via the Video-Audio Communication Screen and his image appeared on the 19” screen.
“Lencon. ”Commander Crentuin said, ”Atorsia Seven Medical Center is short on personnel, and the Acting Chief Medical Officer has requested additional personnel. I’m giving two-thirds of your medical personnel a two year assignment at Atorsia Seven Medical Center.”
“Which ones, sir?” Brigadier General Jonathan Lencon inquired.
“Lt.Commander Reynolds, Lt. Commander Anderson-Lencon, Ensign Talian, Ensign Timmerman, Ensign Calian, Ensign Kedan, Ensign Forrester, and Sargeant Thomas.” Commander Crentuin repiled.
“Sir, my wife has a five year old son.” Brigadier General Jonathan Lencon said.
“I wasn’t aware of the fact.” Commander Crentuin repiled,
At 1100 hours on Crescent, ACA Director Luke Talan met in the Amderestan Census Agency building’s Level 24 Briefing Room with Assistant ACA Director Jack Tilsan and Deputy ACA Director Tom Ankalis. A plan for a 12 level colony ship with a compliment of 3,600 people plus power generators, Communication generators, power cables, and building materials for each group of colonists was contained on a 3 by 4 inch Santurin DA-1571 datapad in the middle of the ten foot table. An eight by twelve window in the wall behind the table, overlooked three Landing Platforms, and six Anti-Grav Planetary Transport Platforms.
ACA Director Luke Talan said, “Several billion Colony ships are being constructed at Amderestan Military and Civilian Spacefleet Bases. Construction should take six to eight months to complete.”
Meanwhile on the Aldancia ASC-9979-F, Colonel Jack Hansen walked down the Level One Central Corridor to the cafateria, and he entered the cafateria.13 Engineering Officers, 14 Medical Officers, 23 Mechanical Officers, 32 Communication Intelligence Officers, 22 Cargo Supply Officers, 24 Weapon Control Officers, and 33 Flight Control Officers sat at several tables with trays of food. Colonel Jack Hansen got a tray from the galley line, and he sat at a table across from his Second Command Officer, Grand Admiral Talakin. The 7 by 4 inch datapad on the table displayed a map of the 50,000 light-year Ranchanian border with the NDEG Protectorate. 14 Amderestan Military Combat Assault Divisions were shown along the Amderestan side of the border in flight formation. 27 RDFCADs were positioned along a 15,000 light-year area.
“Colonel,” Grand Admiral Talakin said, ”Commander Talin has assigned our vessel to an intelligence mission inside Ranchanian space. He wants us to proceed to Spacedock Alpha 27-E. Once there a engineering team will install a prototype cloak generator onboard.”
“What are the Rules of Engagement?” Colonel Jack Hansen inquired.
Grand Admiral Talakin repiled, ”We’re allowed to fire in self-defense if the ship is attacked. Any offensive action will be considered an act of war against the Ranchanian Federation.”
At 2100 hours, the Aldancia ASC-9799-F arrived at Spacedock Alpha 27-E, where the prototype cloak generator was installed by an engineering team from Spacedock Alpha 27-E.
After four hours, Bridge Flight Control Officer, Lt. Commander Tadison released the starboard docking clamps, and increased the Aldancia’s speed to Hyperlight Speed 19, as he set a course to the Amderestan-Ranchanian border.
Over in the command chair, Colonel Jack Hansen activated the intercom and he contacted Level One Engineering, and requested activation of the cloak generator. In Level One Engineering, Engineering Officer Lt. Tadin activated the cloak generator, which plunged the light from it’s normal glow to a bluish tint. The computer then indicated the weapon’s grid was offline.
Nine hours later in Taronia City’s commerical district, four male Taronians who ranged in age from 52 to 68 years sat around a table in the darkened corner of Adains’ bar with four glasses filled with Taronian ale. A 7 by 4” Santurian DA-9700 datapad sat in the middle of the table.
Jack Anivan, the 63-year-old Taronian said,”In four days, Sydney Forrester is going to testify concerning the massacre in the park across from the primary school. If she idenifies us as collaberators with the massacre, we’ll get accessory before the fact charges.”
His brother, Luke Tenian repiled, “One of us can go to Base Matilda Four disguised as a Santurin Computer Supply employee, and tell Miss Forrester her VACS is defective, and give her a replacement with a tracking device.”
Over at a ten foot billards table, two Amderestan Security Officers came over with two cue sticks, and they racked a game of nine ball.
William Tinas pointed to the pool table table, and said, “There’s two Amderestan Security Force Officers at the pool table.”
“Andrew,” Jack Anivan said, as he handed the VACS to him. “Go out the back, and proceed down the alley to the back of Santurian Computer Supply Store 11371. You’ll find an Epsilon Class civilian speeder that has a SCS uniform in it, put in on and proceed to Landing Platform Delta 36-E.”
Andrew Dalian proceeded out the back, and walked ten blocks to SCS Store 11371. He took the SCS uniform from the speeder, put in on and he walked over to Landing Platform Delta 36-E, where he boarded an Epsilon Class Command Shuttle, and set course for the Amderesta system at Hyperlight Speed 12.5 in HSIM.
Four days later, at 0300 hours, Andrew Dalian docked his shuttle to ASC Base Matilda Four’s Level 15 airlock, went down the midship corridor to the intersection with the central corridor, and proceeded to the Forrester’s quarters.
30 minutes later in the Forrester’s sleeping area, Sydney woke up, changed into a blouse and trousers, went into the living area, and she watched ARNN Taronia’s early morning news report. Sydney Forrester opened the door, and she saw Andrew Dalian in the corridor with a Video Audio Communicator Screen.
“Miss Forrester,” Andrew Dalian said, “Santurian Computer Supply has recently discovered the DA-971 Video-Audio Communicator Screen released in 90,005 contains a defect in the AVACS transmission chip. Anyone who has the DA-971 model will get a free replacement.”
Andrew Dalian handed a DA-972 Video-Audio Communicator Screen to Sydney Forrester, and he went back to his shuttle, undocked from Base Matilda Four, and waited behind Amderesta One’s moon.
At 0415 hours, three ASCIS agents met Sydney Forrester in the central corridor, and they proceeded to a civilian shuttle attached to the starboard airlock, and boarded the passanger section. In the shuttle’s bridge, the Flight Control Officer was cleared by Base Matilda Four Traffic Control. He undocked the shuttle, and went to Hyperlight Speed flanked by the Amderestan Military command shuttles.
Andrew Dalian used the tracking device in Sydney’s VACS to follow the three shuttles to Crescent over a four hour period.
At 0815 hours, the three ACS agents, and ten Amderestan Military Security Force Officers exited the shuttles with Sydney, and they proceeded to the court building. Ten kilometers from the building, Andrew Dalian opened fire on the group, and killed four Amderestan Military Security Officers. Sydney took the bugged Video-Audio Communicator Screen, and threw it over the edge of the walkway between the court building’s Level 18 court room, and the platform, which sat few hundred feet above the ground.
Three minutes later, the Security detail, and Sydney Forrester entered the expansive court room. The 200 YDFIAG Commanders, and six YDF Chiefs of Staff were seated in a 20 sqaure foot area protected by a forcefield. 4th Republic Prosecutor, Luke Tanidas sat at an eight- foot table with stacks of 7 by 4 inch datapads. Commander Lonisian sat in the judge’s chair. The six man, six woman jury consisted of two Amderestans, Taronians, Alazenians, Tourists, Swearians, and Parisians. Commander Lonianson glanced over at the Sargeant –at-Arms, who called everyone to rise and be seated.
“Will the defendants please rise?” Commander Lonisian said, and the 206 YDF Officers arose. “You’re charged with the murder of 3 trillion Amderestan citizens opposed to your occupation, Crescent Convention violations, consisting of targeting Amderestan Military medical facilities, extreme torture, unfair treatment of Amderestan Military Prisoners of War, and attacks on civilian convoys delivering humanitarian aid. How do you plea?”
Defense Advocate Timothy Tanns replied, “The defense pleas not guilty, your honor.”
“You may be seated.” Commander Lonisian said to the defense. “Mr. Tanidias, you may begin your opening statement.”
“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury.” He began, “The 4th Amderestan Republic will prove the 206 defendants are gulity beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt. I implore you to consider the outcry of the Amderestan people, as you consider your verdict.”
“Mr. Tanidias,” Commander Lonisian said, “Call your first witness.”
“Your Honor,” Luke Tanidias replied, “The 4th Republic calls Sydney Forrester to the stand.”
Sydney Forrester got up from her seat, and walked over to the witness stand. The Segeant-at-Arms held an electronic Bible in his left hand.
“Raise your right hand, and repeat after me.” He said, as Sydney Forrester put her left hand on the datapad, and raised her right hand. "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God.”
“I do.” Sydney Forrester repiled.
“You may take the stand, Miss Forrester.” Commander Lonianson said, as Sydney sat in the witness chair.
“Miss Forrester,” Luke Tanidias said, “Recall for me the afternoon of May 4, 90,007.”
Sydney Forrester replied, “I just got out of school, and the other pupils had boarded the anti-grav planetary transport. As I proceeded to the transport, I stood at the edge of the platform, and noticed 10,000 men, women, and children shackled, handcuffed, blindfolded, and gagged being marched into the adjacent park by Commander Tanian, Commander Sevin, and Commander Calias, who shot them with three blaster cannons, and killed every last one of them.”
“According to your statement,” Luke Tanidias said, “You told the Taronia Region Investigation Bereau, four Taronians: Andrew Dalian, Jack Anivan, Luke Tenian, and William Tinas colaberated with the aforementioned defendants to assemble the 10,000 in the park.”

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic book Order

Since, I have been publishing the books in my Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic series out of order, and the books and since my series is basically an ongoing serial. I should detail the chronological order.

Amderesta The 3rd Republic is the first book followed by Amderesta The 4th Republic #1, Amderesta The 4th Republic #2, Amderesta 4th Republic #3*, Amderesta The 4th Republic #4, Amderesta The 4th Republic #5, Amderesta The 4th Republic #6, Amderesta The 4th Republic #7, and Amderesta The 4th Republic #8*. The book titles with asterieks beside them are ones I'm currently in the process of getting typed up on my computer. I'm also working on a prequel book to the Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic series as well.

If you like to read excerpts from my books or want to purchase a copy via links to Amazon, Createspace, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million and other sites visit my website at

Thursday, October 13, 2011

General Update

Hello everyone,

I'm writing another blog post to give an update in regard to my Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic series. I've recently made Amderesta The 4th Republic #4 through #7 available for sale on Barnes and Noble in Nook format. The KIndle versions of all currently published books are available for 99 cents, I might increase the price on them, not really sure though. I'm currently working on getting Amderesta The 4th Republic #3 typed up from my handwritten manuscript. So far I'm have nearly eight chapters typed up on my computer and hope to have it completed in the next four to five months.

As always I would enjoy reading any feedback you may have on my books if you have read any of them, and be sure to tell a friend who might be interested in buying one of my books.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Amderesta The 4th Republic update

Hello everyone,

I have just recieved the proof copy of my book Amderesta The 4th Republic #5 Operation Retribution from Createspace, and made it available for purchase. If you like to buy a copy of this book or others in the Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic series visit my website at There I have links to each of my books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million and other online sites.

I'm also working on typing up my book Amderesta The 4th Republic #3 on my computer of which nearly seven chapters have been typed up so far.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Paperback Release of Amderesta The 4th Republic #5

In the next few days, I'll be making the sixth book in the Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic series available on and my Createspace estore. My website has links to places online where my books are available, so visit my website read some of my excerpts and leave me feedback on my facebook page(which this blog will be posted on)

In other updates, I am currently typing up Chapter 7 of Amderesta The 4th Republic #3 which hopefully I'll finish up in the next few months.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Amderesta The 4th Republic #5. Pending Release

Hello everyone,

I would like to take the time to tell you guys that the sixth book in my Amderesta: The 3rd/4th Republic series will be available from Createspace, Amazon and other online retail outlets. If you know somebody who is a science fiction fan recommend my book to them, or buy a copy as a birthday or Christmas Present. Thank you for your support


Friday, September 2, 2011


As most of you are aware, I’ve been writing a series of books for the last four years or so now and are looking for people to read over some of my books and leave feedback on them. Also my friend Casey S Townsend has a new book out titled Eternity, the first book in a four part series, which is available in e-book format from and in paperback from Createspace, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can also listen to Eternity on Also if you are in the Southport, NC area Casey S Townsend is having a book launch for Eternity next Friday at San Felipe located in the Lowes Food Shopping Center.

Visit Casey’s website at for more information on the Eternity Book series and for more information on my Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic book series check out my website at 

Thank You for reading my blog post and I look forward to reading comments.


Daniel Zazitski

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Amderesta: The 4th Republic #5. Excerpt


Here is an excerpt of my upcoming book, Amderesta The 4th Republic #5. Operation Retribution. Before you read this it would be advisable to read the previous book Amderesta The 4th Republic #4 in order to have the background to this excerpt. Each book in the Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic series ties together with one another, and has several overlapping storylines. Some of the  storylines is the SSAAR-Yenturian- Amderestan War storyline which is introduced in Amderesta The 3rd Republic. The Blackanian -AGA War starts in Amderesta The 4th Republic #4 and wraps up in beginning of Amderesta The 4th Republic #7.


  Amderesta The 4th Republic #5. excerpt © 2011 by Daniel Zazitski  All Rights Reserved. This excerpt is protected by copyright law in the United States and other countries by virtue of the Berne Convention. Copying or distributing this excerpt is expressly prohibited by the author which the exception of small quotations for review purposes.


Chapter One

Over at the Executive Building’s Level 2 Landing Platform, President-elect Williams, and Deputy President-elect Williamson looked out at the crowd of Amderestans that gathered in the street for their inauguration.

Chief Judge Abran came out onto the platform with his electronic Bible, and he approached President-elect Williams, who put his left hand on the Bible, and raised his right hand.

“I, Jack Williams, do solemnly swear.” Chief Judge Abran said.

“I, Jack Williams, do solemnly swear.” President-elect Williams repeated.

“That I’ll execute the office of President of the 4th Amderestan Republic.” Chief Judge Abran said.

“That, I’ll execute the office of President of the 4th Amderestan Republic.” President-elect Williams repeated.

“And to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the 4th Amderestan Republic against all enemies foreign and domestic, so help me, God.” Chief Judge Abran said.

“And to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the 4th Amderestan Republic against all enemies foreign and domestic, so help me, God.” President Jack Williams answered.

Chief Judge Abran then repeated the oath of office to Deputy President Williamson.

Two hours later, in the Amderestan Senate’s Legislative Room, the newly elected Amderestan Republican, and Amderestan Conservative Senators took the oath of office, and took their seats.

Meanwhile on the Ranchanian galaxy’s 50,000 by 100 light-year southern edge, the 390 Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups launched assaults against RDF bases, spacedocks, weapon platform stations, and RDF Combat Assault Groups in 2 million ten planet systems over the next six days.

Over the nine days, the RDF bases, scanner installations, communication installations, landing platforms, weapon's factories, storage facilities, and anti-grav planetary transport platforms in 7 billion metropolitan cities came under aerial attack from ADF Aerial Assault Groups. During that time, ADF Infantry Assault Groups landed on the 20 million planets, and began to launch attacks against RDF forces.

Meanwhile on Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K, Commander Jonathan Lencon seated in the bridge command chair, looked out of the plasma window, that approached the 11th ASCCAF's position.

At the weapon control console, Brigadier General Cronis activated the laser turrets and fired several shots at the three destroyers, which went out of control and exploded.

“Sir, you have a priority transmission from the CAD Commander.” Colonel Ansign said from the communication console.

“Open a secure channel, Ansign.” Commander Jonathan Lencon replied.

Colonel Todd Ansign activated the Video-Audio Communication Screen, cycled through the list of ADF transponder frequencies and opened a secure channel. An image of CAD Commander Brinkson appeared on the bridge VACS.

“Your orders are to enter the wormhole junction hub in the Calise Sectors, take the north-directing wormholes 300 light-years to the Zencun system. Once there your objective is to destroy the weapon platform stations, and rejoin the CAD.” Commander Brinkson said.

“Aye sir.” Commander Jonathan Lencon replied.

Brigadier General Williams activated Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K's port thruster, and took the ship to hyperlight 19. At the scanner control console, Admiral Johnny Lencon activated the long range scanners and conducted scans of the area for Ranchanian Defense Force vessels.

Three hours later, Brigadier General Williams took Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K out of hyperlight speed, and he flew the ship into a wormhole junction hub inside the Calise Sectors.

“Jonathan, you should see this.” Admiral Johnny Lencon told his oldest brother, who got up from the command chair and walked over to scanner control. “My scans have detected a RDF Combat Assault Division in the westerly-directing wormholes.”

“Damn, this is looking like the first offensive against the SSAAR.” Commander Jonathan Lencon commented in a concerned tone.

“I concur with you.” Admiral Johnny Lencon said as he monitored the RDFCAD.

After two hours, Brigadier General Williams flew Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K out of the wormhole junction hub 300 light-years north of the Calise Sectors, and approached the 12 planet Zencun system.

Brigadier General Williams activated the missile and torpedo launchers, loaded the transphasic missiles and torpedoes, and he launched several volleys at 300 RDF weapon platform stations near the 12 planets, which ripped through the weapon platform stations and destroyed them.

Meanwhile in the 3,000 by 497 light-year Chrisan Sectors, an area that had seven thousand 10 planet systems defended by 25 RDF Combat Assault Groups, came under attack by 10 Amdrestan Defense Force Combat Assault Divisions. Over the next 96 hours, the 10 ADFCADs launched a number of attacks against the RDFCAGs near the 70,000 planets. Thirteen Ranchanian Defense Force Combat Assault Groups were destroyed in the attack, while eight RDFCAGs were severely damaged. The four remaining Ranchanian Defense Force Combat Assault Groups retreated towards the 70,000 planets and were captured.

The ten Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups separated into Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Fleets and they conducted attacks against numerous RDF bases, weapon's platforms, landing platfroms, anti-grav planetary transport platforms, ISBM and IGBM launchers over the next three days.

On January 16, 90, 020, 110 Amderestan Defense Force Infanty Assault Groups landed on the 70,000 planets, and began an intense surface-to-surface missile attacks against the major metropolitan cities. Over the next twelve hours, the 110 ADFIAGs launched an assault against the RDFIAGs in the major cities which caused severe damage to surrounding buildings as the two sides fought street-to-street engagements. During the next two days, the ADFIAGs supported by ADFAAGs launched an assault on a number of RDF controlled buildings in 20 billion metropolitan cities, and they fought an intense fire fight for control of the buildings. After five days of attacks, the Ranchanian Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups on the 70,000 planets surrendered to the ADF Occupational Forces. They imposed a State of Emergency on the planets, established ADF checkpoints, and a night time curfew was established for Ranchanian nationals. A number of ADF Infantry personnel with blaster rifles established searches for Ranchanians involved in the development of Bytoris.

Over in the nearby Sillisan Sectors, the 21 ADF Combat Assault Groups launched an assault against 10,000 planets in the area. A number of Ranchanian Defense Force scanner and communication installations near several million cities were targeted by missiles launched from ADF vessels in orbit. The missiles entered each planet's atmosphere, spilt into MIRVs which had multiple transphasic warheads in them, and they destroyed the scanner and communication facilities. Afterward, a number of ADF Aerial Assault Groups launched from the orbital CAFs conducted an attack against the Ranchanian Defense Force landing platforms, most of which had RDF troop transports on them and destroyed them.

Meanwhile on the Yenturian Territory-Ranchanian Federation border, Commander Taseen, the Field Commander for the Yenturian Territory came onto the bridge of the Lisksia ASC-97111-J, and the bridge officers snapped to attention.

“Do we cross the border, sir.” Colonel Altman inquired from flight control.

“We not going to attack, Colonel.” Field Commander Taseen responded, “Our orders are to contain them.”

“It looks like the Williams Administration wants to prolong the war.” Admiral John Tasis, the bridge communication officer commented.

“Ex-President Tenlon's the one who gave the order.” Field Commander Taseen told Admiral Tasis.

“Tenlon had influence from those in the AUO, mainly Santurian Weapons when he proposed Operation Retribution.” Admiral Tasis said, “The operative word here is money.”

“What about the Blackanian Civil War, is the AUO involved?” Captain Tisslas inquired.

“That's AGAIC's involvement.” Admiral Tasis answered, “Back in 89,978, Jonathan Lencon was sent to Blavckania to meet with High Council Seltan concerning the establishment of moderate resistance cells over the next four months. Soon after, the seven radical members of the Blackanian High Council met in a special session, and they voted Seltan off the council. Jonathan received a communiqué from another operative a month later concerning an assassination plot against Seltan, and he organized a swap with Seltan's twin brother. Seltan's brother was sent to the Council meeting with ID card and the list of moderates on the council. Lencon joined the group as a council security officer when Seltan was assassinated. Seltan gave him a datapad that contained a list of four moderates on the council.”

“How do you know this?” Captain Tisslao asked, “Wasn't that assignment classified?”

“I had an assignment with ASCIS on Blackania back then.” Admiral Tasis replied, “I happened to come across a transmission concerning an assassination plot against former High Council Seltan who was involved with AGAIC.”

Meanwhile on Crescent, President Williams, Deputy President Williamson, Defense Minister Tenian, State Minister Winters, ADFCOSC Commander Lonainson, ASCCOS Commander Silas, AACOS Commander Jarvis, AGFCOS Commander Traven, ASFCOS Commander Arenlin, ABGCOS Commander Slivan, AIA Director Craven, and their deputies sat around a conference table in the executive building's level 20 briefing room, which had a tactical display of the Ranchanian galaxy projected above the table. The ADF occupied area along the 50,000 light-year southern galactic edge was indicated by a green color, while the Ranchanian controlled areas had a red color.

Over on the Sillsan Sectors, the 47 Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups landed on the 10,000 planets with speeders and missile launcher, and they fought an extensive street-to-street engagement in a few million cities. During the next two weeks, the Amderestan Defense Force Infanty Assault Groups, and Amderesta Defense Force Aerial Assault Groups launched daily attacks on RDF Infantry Assault Groups that braced themselves in a number of small towns.

A number of Mechanized Infantry Assault Groups launched an extensive missile barrage at the towns, which damaged a number of RDF Barracks, and other buildings throughout the area. The Ranchanian Defensive Force Infantry Assault Groups were driven out of the towns into the surrounding forested area, and surrounded by heavily-armed Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups.

On February 4, 90,020, the 911th, 784th, 597th, 9721st, 3401st, and 7849th Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups entered the Sillen Sectors, an 4000 by 700 light-year area with 9,000 ten planet systems, and they launched a series of blitzkrieg attacks against 16 RDFCADs spread out to the south. The 911th and 784th ADFCAGs launched an attack against the four RDFCADs in the center, which created a break in formation. The 3401st and 7849th ADFCAGs launched an assault on the RDFCADs port and starboard flank, which destroyed five RDFCADs and damaged two. The remainder of the RDFCADs retreated towards the 90,000 planets and were destroyed by the ADFCAGs.

During the next five days, the ADFCAGs positioned near the 90,000 planets launched an orbital assault against RDF scanner and communication facilities, factories, landing platforms, anti-grav planetary transport platforms, and weapon's caches.

Over the next 48 hours, 10 Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups landed on the 90,000 planets, separated into Combat Assault Patrols with high magnitude blaster rifles, SAM launchers, and ADF speeders with blaster cannons on them. They conducted a series of attacks on a few million Ranchanian Defense Force Infantry Assault Bases with the support of Aerial Assault Patrols that flew over the major cities. A large number of ADFAAPs launched a number of air-to-ground attacks on Ranchanian Defense Force Infantry Assault Personnel that dug themselves into the major cities, and fought an intense urban campaign against the ADF forces for two months.

In the 9,000 by 711 light-year Disenn-Taldin Sectors, fifteen Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups separated into Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Fleets, and they launched an attack on RDF bases, scanner installations, communication installations, weapon's factories, RDF landing platfrorms, and anti-grav planetary transport platforms on 17,000 planets, as 14 Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups landed on the planets, and fought an intense street-to-street, and building-to-building engagement against 13 RDFIAGs in 9 million metropolitan cities. After a fierce eleven day attack, the overwhelmed Ranchanian Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups surrendered to the ADF Occupation Forces. In the major cities, ADF Security personnel set up a number of checkpoints at various major intersections throughout the planets, and imposed a curfew and Ranchanian nationals. The RDFIAGs captured by the ADF Occupation Forces were taken to a number of POW camps where they were processed by the ADF Personnel.

On May 19, 90,020, President Jack Williams sat in the executive building's level 20 apartment with wife, Andrea, and daughter, Alice who was immersed in a holo-game, and he read over various reports from the ADFCOS on Operation Retribution.

“You look worried.” Andrea Williams said to her husband, who tuned the Video Reception Screen to an ALBA game between Alazenia and Chorane One, which would decide the southwest divisional championship.

“We have to place the Ranchanian Government personnel in protective custody to insure no vigilante plays executioner.” President Jack Williams replied, “I'm aware they'll most likely be found guilty and executed by firing squad. “

“Mom has a point.” Alice Williams commented to her father.

Meanwhile on Blackania, three moderate BDF Infantry Assault Patrols went along the main subterrian transport tunnel used by the Radical BDF to transport personnel, and they placed a series of timed charges along the anti-grav generation system for 6,000 miles in the government district of Blackania City, and they went to a control room beneath the BRNN building,. After a few minutes, the Moderate BDF Infantry Assault Patrols detonated the charges, which destroyed nine subterrian transports in the main line.

In the industrial district, six BULA Infantry Assault Patrols launched a number of sabotage attacks against various cryithium refineries in a 12 sqaure block area, and detonated it. The area went up in a series of explosions that sent debris throughout the area, which caused a number of surrounding factories to catch fire.

Meanwhile in the Ranchanian galaxy, 35 Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups supported by a anti-matter, and cargo vessels entered the Colsoan-Bergan Sectors, a 70,000 square light-year area with 300,000 ten planet systems. The 35 ADFCAGSs seperated into Combat Assault Fleets, and they launched an orbital attack on numerous RDF Bases, Spacedocks, Weapon's Platform Stations in orbit of the three million planets over the next three weeks.

During the next four weeks, the 35 Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups launched attacks against RDF Infantry Bases, weapon's factories, scanner installations, communication installations, landing platforms, and anti-grav planetary transport platforms from orbit, as Infantry Assault Groups landed on the 3,000,000 planets and they fought an intense street-to-street enagement with RDF Infantry Assault Groups for control of the metropolitan cities.

After an intense engagement, the RDF Infantry Assault Groups surrendered to the Amderestan Defense Force Occupation Forces in the major cities, who set up nemerous checkpoints throughout the cities. The RDF Prisoners Of War were rounded up by the ADF Occupation Forces, loaded onto prison transports and taken to thousands of ADF Prisoner Of War camps.

On August 7, 90,020, the ADF Chiefs of Staff, Yenturian Territory Field Commander, Compassian Territory Field Commander, and ADF-Antarian Allied Field Commander held a meeting via the Amderestan Video-Audio Communication Service to discuss the situation in the Ranchanian Federation. NDEG Territory Field Commander Bradley Lencon joined the AVACS meeting from his office.

“It looks like we're very close to Ranchania.” Compassian Territory Field Commander Timothy Teense said, “We could have the area under control by December.”

“Don't be to sure, Teense.” Commander Bradley Lencon commented, “The Ranchanian Defense Force has been lacking in response to our intelliegence concerning the number of CAGs.

Four hours later, at the Amderestan Bank's Crescent branch, the 12 member board of directors sat in a conference room to discuss various loans to the manufacturing industry. The goal being an increase in civilian production.

At the Amderestan Labor Ministry, the Labor Minister, Deputy Labor Minister and their aides might with various CEOs to discuss the hiring of nationalized Amderestan citzens from the Yenturian, Orisian, Rechini, and Compassian Territories to fill their shortcoming due to the effects from the recent Bytoris attack.

Over at the ADF Barracks, Ensign Sydney Forrester sat on the couch in her apartment with her Santurian DA-973-A Datapad connected to the Amderestan Data And Information Service, and she read several articles from a Tarozenian electronic paper, which was concerned with various retalitory Moderate Blackanian Defense Force, and Tarozenian Resistance attacks on thousands of Radical Blackanian Defense Force Occupational Installations. The next few articles she read detailed a series of hit-and-run attacks on the Sellis-Tees Sectors by Blackanian Underground Liberation Army Infantry Assault Patrols against Radical BDF Installations on the 150,000 planets.

In the Ranchanian Galaxy, 17 Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups entered the 9,000 by 7,000 light-years Dillsca-Nesen Sectors, which had four million planetary systems defended by several thousand Ranchanian Defense Force Bases, and they launched an intense four week attack on the bases. During the next eight weeks, the 17 Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups launched orbit assaults on RDF scanner installations, communication installations, landing platforms, factories, storage facilities, and anti-grav planetary transport platforms in few million cities on each planet, as Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups fought an intense urban engagements against RDF Infantry Assault Groups. A number of buildings received damage from the exchange of missiles between the two sides, as the ADF advanced through each city.

Four days later, the Ranchanian Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups on the 40 million planets were captured by the ADF Occupation Forces, and took them to ADF Prisoner Of War camps in the Orisian Territory.

On November 4, 90,020, the Amderestan State Minister sat with his aides at the Amderestan State Ministry to discuss the refugee status of moderate Blackanians, who were threatened with torture for opposition to the Radical BDF.

“Several billion moderate Blackanians are requesting asylum from the radicals.” State Minister Wilden told his aides. “This is due to increased searches for moderates, and collaberators on millions of planets.”

“How do you intend for them to get here?” An Aide inquired of Wilden. “The Radical BDF Forces occupy the surrounding area.”

“If we sit on our hands, it will be like the Yenturian genocide, only worse.' Ambassador Reesan responded, as he walked in the conference room, and found an empty chair to sit in. “The Radical Blackanians have begun to search for moderate colaberators, and they have already rounded up several hundred million moderate Blackanians from the 4th District, a few billion from the 2nd District, 8th District, and the 6th District. AGAIC operatives have noticed construction of conceration camps in the Sellias Sectors, some of which are reported to have incinerators.”

“What for?” An Aide inquired of the report.

“For Pete's sake, they are using them to dispose of the bodies!” Ambassador Reesan answered, “The Radical Blackanian Defense Force in the Lenchini Republic, and Tarozenian Republic has been targeting civilians who they suspect of collberating with Resistance cells.”

Meanwhile on Compassia, Territorial Governor James Tivlans sat in the Governor's Residence with Field Commander Solan, and Commander Sevenas who had intelligence reports which pertained to the deployment of Eastern Alliance Federation Defense Force Combat Assault Groups on the southern edge.

A CATS situated on the coffee table displayed an image of the border between the Eastern Alliance Federation and Compassian Territory that had red and green triangles on it to indentify ADF and EAF Defense Force vessels on the border.

“ADFCI has been monitering a number of EAFDF Combat Assault Groups that have been conducting combat exercises over the last four months.” Commander Sevenas said, “We've also monitered delivery of Inter-Stellar Ballistic Missiles to EAF Defense Force Bases in the Zenculin and Atorsia galaxies over the past three weeks.”

“You think they are going to attack, Sevenas?” Territorial Governor James Tivlans asked after he listened to his debrief on the situation with the EAF Defense Force.

On the Compassian Territory's southern galactic edge, 49 Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups, which had been deployed to the area as part of Operation Clansen, flew along the 10,000 square light-year border area, and conducted a series of combat exercises.

During the next two weeks, twelve ADF Combat Assault Groups entered the Tisla Sectors in a 3,000 square light-year area that boarded the Ranchanian Captial District, and they launched an intense attack on thousands of RDF installations positioned throughout the area.

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Amderesta The 4th Republic #6 Now Available

My book Amderesta The 4th Republic #6 is now available from Amazon sites in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Barnes and Noble, and various other sites. An excerpt of the book is available to read on my website along with links to the aforementioned sites.

I'm currently working on sequel to Amderesta The 4th Republic #6 that deals with the aftermath of the AGA-Blackanian War depicted in Amderesta The 4th Republic #4 through 6.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Amderesta The 4th Republic #1 Excerpt

Chapter One: Exploration of the Amderina Galaxy
The 5th Fleet was assembled near the space station Matilda Four , which orbited Amderesta 1.
Over on Alantina’s Bridge, the 15 commanding officers were assembled in the Briefing Room. Just then Commander Rochester entered the room. He was tall, had brown hair, brown eyes, and a medium build.
“Gentlemen, I've received word from President Tenlon concerning our assignment to Operation Northern Projection.” Commander Rochester said, “Our orders are to clear the BDF forces from the NDEG.”
“What'll prevent them from restablishing a presence once we leave?” Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon responded from the end of the table.
“We'll most likely establish a protectorate for the Yenturian survivors.” Commander Rochester answered.
“I'm the reason we've been picked for this.” Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon said.
“What makes you say that?” Colonel Johassen responded.
“I have something Sevan wants.” Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon told him. “I can't say anything more.”
“You're referring to Seltan's assassination?” Another CO inquired.
“Indirectly.” Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon answered.
Commander Rochester activated the tabletop holographic projector, which brought up a map of the NDEG in three dimension.
“I have a feeling they are going to let us proceed to a certain point.” Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon commented.
“Where?” Grand Admiral Tolkien responded.
“Allian.” Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon told him, “They have a planet destroyer waiting in orbit. According to sources, Sevan told Airian to leave the shield generator online.”
“What for?” Colonel Johassen inquired.
“They want to trap us.” Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon answered. “We should've took care of this four years ago.”
Sargeant Mike Tenris said,”I want to see my brother. He was wanting to come along, but he got transferred to Base Matilda Three.”
Commander Rochester repiled,” You can see him.”
Sargeant Mike Tenris walked down the bridge access corridor, hung a left, walked down the Docking Bay corridor, and entered. Sargeant Tenris walked across the docking bay to the shuttle hold next to Mechanical Repair, and entered the Episilon class command shuttle.
Over on the Command Shuttle’s bridge, Sargeant Mike Tenris sat at the Flight Control station, and activated the Hyperlight, Sublight, and Auxillary Power Reactors, followed by the forward thrusters, ascent thrusters, and the port, and starboard thrusters.
Afterward, he contacted Alantina Traffic Control, and requested launch clearance. After Traffic Control cleared him for launch, Sargeant Tenris activated the ascent thrusters, which raised the Command Shuttle from the docking clamp, switched over to the forward thrusters, and flew out of the Level 1 Docking Bay.
Ten minutes later, Sargeant Tenris’ Command Shuttle approached Base Matlida Three, which was in an low orbit around Amdresta Two, and landed in the Level 3 Docking Bay. After landing, he stepped out of the shuttle, and went over to the Docking Bay doors. Just then, his brother, Security Chief Will Tenris came into the Docking Bay.
He said,”I know you wanted to see me, but the station is on an evacuation alert.”
Just then, the kalxon alarms blared, and the alert lights flashed red. The two raced to a transport, and took off . When all of the shuttles were 10.4 kilometers from Base Matilda Three, it tumbled out of control, entered the atmosphere, and exploded.
The 14 other Commanding Officers, which included, Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon, Colonel Johassen, and Admiral Tolkiens returned to their ships.
Three and a half hours later, the fleet left the Amderesta system, and traveled for two and a half days. Three days later, the 5th ASCCAF entered the Amderina galaxy.
The Amderesta Sub-Fleet went to the Airidan system. They landed on an medium sized planet. It had an forest like terrian. The atmosphere consisted of oxygen, carbon dioxcide, and nitrogen. After they set up camp, the officers went to map the forest.
Officer Bradslon asked Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon,”Why aren’t there any people on the planet?”
Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon repiled,”5 years ago, the Amdrestan Army Republic fought an war with the Yenturians. The Blackanians sent a virus in an Yenturian Defense Force Intergalactic Balistic Missile to AAR controlled space. The AAR put blame on the Yenturians, and they sent an invasion force to wipe them out. The conflict between the two sides lasted for 6 months. The Ion Federation evacauted most of the sirvivors to an unihabited galaxy in the Northern Group.
Now the troopers were in the east side of the forest. As they followed a trail, they heard blaster fire come from the bushes. The Amderestan troopers returned fire at the bushes. Suddenly, a male Yenturian came from the bushes, and looked at the troopers.
Banturi said,”Greetings, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Banturi. I heard about your mission. I’m greatful you came to our planet. We’ve been without an vistor for five years now. Go, and tell your leader to come to Sector 56-C. We want to find out about your galaxy’s history.”
Amderestan Trooper Venton said,”Thank you for this converstation. We’ll tell our leader.”
Now, Amderestan Trooper Richards asked Banturi,”Why are you still alive? I thought all life on the planet was wiped out.”
Banturi repiled,”During the war, we made a formula that made us immune from the neutron radiation.”
He turned, and looked into the village, and motioned to Scout #1. Scout #1 walked to the entrance.
“Go to Sector 5, and tell the Amderestans to come to Sector 56.” Banturi said.
Scout #1 hopped on a speeder,and he took off. He flew through the forest, and almost had a impact with Scout #2’s speeder. Scout #1 continued into the forest, and kept on flying until he saw some starships. Scout #1 stopped the speeder, stepped off , and walked towards Jonathan.
Lt.Colonel Jonathan Lencon said,”Private, what are you up to wearing that disguise?”
He pulled on the Yenturian scout’s cheek, with the assumation he wore some kind of mask. The Yenturian scout told them to come to Sector 56. The officers followed the scout into the forest.A while later , the Officers, and the Yenturian Scout entered the village.
One week later, the officers, troopers, and the Yenturians were assembled in the council hut. The Amderestan tropers struck up an converstation with the Yenturian Scouts. Jonathan snapped his finger to get everyone’s attention.
He said,”Listen up,” I’m going tell you our galaxy’s history. It all started a long time ago. The Amderestan systems were all independent, and free. They were independent of each other . In 3500 B.C, a tribe called the Amdronians , and the other tribes formed a federation, which lasted for 500 years. Two centuries later, the Tithians attacked the tribes near the Alazenia, and Taronia Region’s eastern border. The tribes banded together, and defeated the Tithians. 28 years later, the Calorians decleared their indepence from the Tithian Empire. Their independence lasted five years. In 1000 B.C, the Amderestan tribes sent representatives to a convention. The convention voted to form a federation. 200 years later, the Amderestan Alliance of Independent Systems organized the Amderestan Federation. From 850 to 800 B.C, the Amderestan Federation fought a war with the Tithian Empire in the Alazenia Region. The Amderestan Federation, and the Alazenian Resistance won the war. In 578 B.C, the council voted to form a court system. In 478 B.C, the council elected a king to rule over them. King Terisian sent ADF forces to the northern edge of the Amderestan Kingdom. The Swearians, and Tourist thought the ADFCAGs were a threat, so they launched an attack on the ADF forces. Commander Tunisian sent message to the Royal council, which detailed the attacks on his forces. Two days later, the council declared war, and the Swearians, and Tourists. The 7th ADFCAG was ordered to attack the bases near the Amderestan border. The fighting lasted for 45 years. 445 years later, the Amderestan citizens overthrew the king. The council declared a republic, and elected a convention to create a government. Ten days later, the citzens accepted the 1st Amderestan Republic.
“Over the next thousand years, the 1st Republic increased the size of the Amderestan Defense Force, Amderestan Intelligence Agency, and other organizations. From 1789 to 1903, the 1st Republic went through a period of war.
In 1910, the Amderestan Senate invited the Tourists to send a representive to represent the Tourist Region. In 1930, the Amderestan Security Force found a plan to overthrow the 1st Republic. The Tourist Federation started to launch attacks on ADF forces. 100 years later, the Amderestan Spacefleet Corps organized a fleet of starships to map the Amderesta Region. In 2050, an ASC starship captian created a fleet of starships. His fleet spent two years mapping the galaxy. In 2052, the Tourist Federation invaded the Plentuis system. The ADF spent forces to defend the planet. When the war ended, the Amderesta Sub-fleet discovered a wormhole outside the Plentuis system. They went through the wormhole, and spent a year along the edge of the Analkian Galaxy. Two years later, the Tourist Defense Force attacked the Reyen system.The Amderestan Sub-Feet went to the Reyen system to help them rebuild. One year later, the Amderestan Sub-fleet found the main Tourist Base for the Northeast Amderestan Region, which had been under Tourist control since 1991. Seven vessels went to attack the base, but they were destroyed . The next year,the Tourist launched attacks on ADF bases in the other three regions. The ADF bases were captured by the Tourists. Five months later, the Tourist took Crescent. They established the Tourist Empire which lasted for 70 years.
“In 2070, the Alliance to Restore the Amderestan Republic created the 2nd Amderstan Republic. The ADF launched an offensive into the Tourist Region. The Tourist Region was annexed in to the 2nd Republic along with the Taronia Region.
In 2071, the ADF invaded the Rylon-Tylonian galaxy. The war lasted for a year. The 2nd Republic occupied the Rylon-Tylonian galaxy for three months. In 2090, the Amderstan Sub-fleet went to Reyen. Captian Charles Lencon resigned his Spacefleet commission. His son, John took command, adopted his nephew, and spent seven years mapping the Parisia Region. In 2097, some terrible happened, Jonathan lencon got killed in a battle with the Swearians. Ralph Lencon took command, and continued to map the Parisia region. In 2098, the 2nd Republic annexed the Alazenia, and Parisia region. The Amderestan Sub-fleet was stationed at Base Matilda three for a one year refit. In 2099, the Amderesta subfleet went on a five year mission to map the Alazenia region. In 2100, the Blackanians attacked an Alliance Base in the galaxy C-1. The war which resulted from the attacked lasted 61 Years. From 2162 to 2450, a period of war exsisted between the 2nd Amderestan Republic, and the Swearian Federation. In 2450, the Swearian Federation overthrew the 2nd Republic. They established an empire which lasted for fifty years.
“In 2500, the 3rd Amderestan Republic was established. 300 years later, the 3rd Republic, and four factions of the Amderestan Army fought a civil war for 210 years. The 3rd Republic leaders fled to the southeasternmost part of the galaxy. In 6500, the Blackanians started another war. They were exiled to the Northern Dwarf Eliptical Galaxies. In 6550, the 3rd Amderestan Republic, NEAAR, SEAAR, NWAAR, SWAAR sent a fleet to the Pairisian Dwarf Galaxies. The Pairisians saw the fleet as an threat, so they launched an attack on the fleet. The Fighting lasted for two weeks. The Pairisians surrendered to the fleet. The galaxies were divided among the five republics. In 7080, the four Amderestan Army Republics united, and established the Amderestan Army Republic. The Amderestan Army Republic sent an invasion force to attack the 3rd Republic. The two fleets fought for two months. On March 1, 7080, the 3rd Amderestan Republic launched an offensive against the Amderestan Army Republic. The AARDF was driven back to the Amtronis system. Six months later, the 3rd Republic launched an attack on Sector 4456. 44. The AARDF Combat Assault Forces in the south got destroyed. On September 20, 7080, the 3rd Amderestan Republic forces invaded the Alazenia region. The AAR Forces was caught off guard. The Amderestan Defense Force launched a three-pronged assualt. Ten weeks later, The 3rd Republic recaptured the Alazenia Region. On December 5, 7080, the ADF invaded the Parisia Region. The ADF Forces advanced to the northern edge of the Amderestan Galaxy. In 7095, the AAR signed a peace treaty with the 3rd Amderestan Republic. The 3rd Republic sent ADFCAGs, and ADFIAGs to the Alazenia, and Parisia Regions.3,020 years later, the 3rd Republic sent the 1st Fleet to the Ranchanian Galaxy. The Amderestans, and Ranchanians shared information with each other. In 11, 500, the 3rd Amderestan Republic sent an ambassador to the Ranchanian Federation. The ADF sent a fleet to the Ventonis system.”
Four days later on Amderesta 1’s Bridge, Jonathan turned his message screen on. He said,”Lt. Colonel’s log, date Jauanary 27, 90,000. We’ve spent three days mapping the Renchia system. I have sent 14 troopers on a mission. I have sent the commander a map of all 12 planets.”
Two days later, on January 29, 90,000. the 5th ASCCAF picked up an energy reading 15 parsecs west, and 12 parsecs south. Warrant Officer Bradley went to Atoris 4. The 5th Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Combat Assault Fleet had gathered infront of an massive energy field.
Meanwhile on Amderesta 1, in the Starboard Stellar Observation Room.
Officer Johnson asked,”What is that thing?”
Jonathan repiled,”It’s an Ionian Temporal Transport Field.”
Warrant Officer Tronisian asked,”What does it do?”
Jonathan repiled,” It transports people between the past, and future .”
Two hours later, Commander Rochester ordered the 5th ASCCAF to move 3,000 miles to the north. Two hours later, on Alantina’s Bridge, Colonel Jackson spotted a fleet of destroyers in front of them.
He said,”Commander, there’s a fleet of destroyers in front of us.”
Commander Rochester repiled,”Attention all ships, this is the Commander speaking. Tell your Weapon Control Officers to start firing on the Destroyers.”
The 5th ASCCAF fired contiunuously at the Blackanian Fleet. 15 Destroyers got destroyed in the first 8 minutes. Amderesta 1 broke formation, and flew towards a Blackanian destroyer.
On Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K’s Bridge, Jonathan said to Sargeant Teronis,”I want you to set a collision course with that destroyer.”
Sargeant Teronis said to Jonathan,”Sir, you are crazy.”
Weapon Controller Cronis fired at the destroyer, and impacted the main power generator. Sargeant Teronis increased Amderesta 1’s speed. The ship went into the destroyer which caused it to come apart. Fifteen seconds later, Amderesta 1 emerged from the destroyer which exploded. Amderesta 1 turned around, and headed back towards the fleet.
Back on Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K’s Bridge, Commander Rochester called Jonathan, and said to him,”Jonathan, that was awesome.”
Jonathan repiled,”Thank you, commander.”
One hour later, the Blackanians surrendered to the Amderestans. After the Blackanians surrendered, the 5th ASCCAF went to the Hetronis system.
Over in Alantina’s Level One Briefing Room, Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon, Admiral Tolkiens, Colonel Johassen, and the other 12 Sub-Fleet commanders sat around the Breifing Room table.
Commander Rochester said,”Thank you for coming to this meeting. The next system we’ll explore is the Hetronis system, which has 15 planets. Each subfleet will land on a planet, and map it. After your fleet has explored, and mapped that planet, you’ll then bring the information to me.”
Jonathan got up, walked to the elevator, and waited for the doors to open. Just then, the doors opened. He walked in the elevator.
“Level One, please.”Jonathan said
The doors closed, and the elevator descended to Level One. Jonathan walked to his shuttle in the Docking Bay, and entered it.
Three minutes later, Jonathan’s shuttle landed in Amderesta 1’s Docking Bay. Amderesta 1 entered the atmosphere. The ship went so fast it flew past the platform. When Jonathan realized they flew past the platform.
He said to Lt. Williams,”Look at what you’ve done. You were going so fast you flew past the landing platform.”
Jonathan reached over, and switched the flight control station to voice-controlled mode.
“Landing platform, please.”Jonathan said
Amderesta 1’s computer turned the ship around. Ten minutes later, Amderesta 1 landed on the platform. Amderesta 1’s thruster engines cut off. A ramp came out, and it hit the platform. Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon walked out onto the platform followed by the 100 enlisted Amderestan troopers. Jonathan, and the troopers walked over to the entrance. Jonathan reached down, and pressed a button. The platform rose up to reveal an entrance. Jonathan, and the troopers stepped on the stairway, It took them to the bottom. Jonathan stepped off the stairs. He walked towards the computer.
Amderestan Trooper Herolis asked Jonathan,”What kind of base was this, and who’s was it?”
Jonathan repiled,”It was an Ion Base. The base was attacked about ten years ago. The Yenturians claimed the Ions were trying to take-over their land. Only five out of the 100 troopers sirvived the attack. I’m sending half of you in the forest to map it. If you run into trouble, just call me, and help will arrive at your location.”
50 out of the 100 troopers went out to map the forest. Just then, a tall creature appeared directly behind him. Amderestan Trooper Herolis climbed up to the top of the tree, pulled his blaster out, and fired at the creature which made it mad. The creature ran towards the tree, and impacted it, which caused it to tilt over at an 45 degree angle. Just then, a gust of wind came, and it blew the tree over. Amderestan Trooper Herolis landed 18 meters away from the tree. He looked back and found out the tree fell on the creature. The troopers mapped the northern part of the forest for seven days.
Over on Amderesta 1’s Bridge, Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon turned his message screen on.
He said,”Lt. Colonel’s log, date Febuary 5, 90,000. We have been on this planet for seven days now. The mapping has been going fairly well. I haven’t been contacted within the last 72 hours. Just then two of the troopers came with the map. One of them told me that five troopers were lost in a coal mine. After the troopers were found, we left the planet, and regrouped with the other subfleets. Just then, I got an order from Commander Rochester. He told me the fleet was supposed to go to the Gerunis system. When we got there, something strange happened.”
The 5th ASCCAF had been in the Gerunis system for twelve hours. On Amderesta 1, Lt.Colonel Jonathan Lencon sat in his qaurters, and watched the news. Just then, he heard someone pound on his door.
He opened the door, and asked,”What you doing here, Lieutenant?”
Security Chief Venturis asked,”Sir, Can we have a raise?”
Jonathan got up, and shouted to the Security Officers,”No! You can’t have a raise.”
Security Chief Venturis said,”Colonel, we have been wanting a raise for a long time.”
An enraged Jonathan repiled,”Get out of my site!”
The Security Officers left the corridor, and went to the Officer’s club. Over on Alantina, Commander Rochester sat in his living quarters, and read a book on his datapad. Just then someone knocked on the door. He opened the door to reveal a young female doctor.
Commander Rochester asked,”What is your name?”
The Doctor repiled,”My name is Christina Bradson, I’m the chief medical officer. My job is to tell the other medical officers, and enlistees what to do.”
Commander Rochester asked Christina,”Where’s your living quarters located at?”
Doctor Christian Bradson repiled,”It’s the room on the very end of the corridor just before Level 1 Engineering.”
Commander Rochester asked,”What side is it on?”
Doctor Christina Bradson said,”It’s on the left side of the hallway.”
Commander Rochester followed Dr. Christina Bradson down the hallway. When they got there she walked towards the door and punched in the room entrance code number. The door opened, and the two of them stepped into the room. They walked over to the couch, and sat down.
Doctor Christina Bradson said to Commander Rochester,”Tell me something about your childhood, sir.”
Commander Rochester repiled,”When I was ten years old, my friend, and I were walking down the ship after lockdown. I came to a door and opened it. After I opened the bridge door, I looked in and wrote down what everyone was doing. When the security officer came over there, he asked me,’William, what are you doing up after lockdown?’ I repiled,’I was just looking around sir.’ After that, the Security officer took me back to his quarters.”
Now, Dr.Christina Bradson got a call from Sickbay. She activated her VACS, and said,”Yes, doctor what is it now?”
Dr. John Williams Voice repiled,”We have code blue in area 4.”
Dr. Christina Bradson said,”I’ll be over there.”
Dr. Christina Bradson walked out of the room, and head towards sickbay area 4. When she got there, she found out the patient was an mechanic who was injuried about three days ago.
Dr. Christian Bradson asked one of the nurses,”What happened to the mechanic?”
Nurse Lisa Teronin repiled,”I was checking on his wounds, and then his heart stopped.”
Doctor Christina Bradson said,”I want the recessatator over here, stat.”
Nurse Lisa Teronin walked over, and brought the heart defibulator over. Doctor Chistina Bradson turned the machine on. She said,”One, two, three, four, clear.”
The shock hit the mechanic, and caused him to jump up, and back down on the bed. Dr. Christina Bradson tried the defibulator again, and this time it worked.
When the mechanic woke up, he asked,”What happened, doctor?”
Dr. Christina Bradson repiled,”Your heart stopped beating, so we had to defibulate you.”
Commander Rochester walked to his living quarters, and turned the Video Reception Screen on to ARNN Crescent. The image of ARNN Crescent’s studio appeared onscreen.
“Good morning, and welcome to an special edition of ARNN News at 0500.”
ARNN Anchor John Venlon said,”Three hours ago, two shuttles were flying in Sector 23-h. The shuttle Tyronia was going at a speed of 15,000 miles per hour. The shuttle’s destination was Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Base Airisan 41-A. Just then another shuttle appeared, and collided with the Tyronia. 43 passengers were killed, and 20 passengers were injured. The survivors were taken Base Airisan 41-A.”
Commander Rochester deactivated the VRS, and walked to the Level One Briefing Room. A group of people stood in the room.
One of them walked over, and said,”Greetings, Commander. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m the Ionian Ambassador to the 4th Amderestan Republic. I came here to find out about your mission. Commander, what is the time?”
Commander William Rochester repiled,”It’s 0630 hours, ambassador.”
Commander William Rochester, Ambassador Michael Trenton, Security Guard Bob Tenris, Security Guard Bradley Taylon, and three Ionian Gaurds walked out of the breifing room, and went to the cafateria. Two minutes later, the group entered the cafateria, and sat down at table #45.
Commander Rochester asked,”What are we have for breakfast?”
Cafateria Worker #1 repiled,”Pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and orange juice."
Ambassador Michael Trenton and the Ionian Gaurds got in line, and were severed. They walked over to the table, sat down, and ate. Commander William Rochester got up, and went to the briefing room. He manually opened the door, and walked in.
He said,”The next system we’ll explore is the Gerunis system. It is a 15 planet system. The 15 planets orbit two stars located 1 million kilometers west of Gerunis One. Each subfleet will go out, and map each planet. I want all the information you find down there. You’re dismissed.”
Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon went back to Amderesta 1, and he walked to the Briefing Room. He activated the holoprojector which showed an 3-D image of Gerunis One.
He said,”As all of you can see here, Gerunis One is a muli-terrian planet. The north is covered with two feet of snow, and ice. Just below the polar region is a forested area. There is about 5,000 sqaure miles of forest in the east. If you go 30 miles to the west, you’ll find a long mountain range with an abundance of metals. After you pass over the mountain range, you find a large prarie which spreads out over an area of 10,000 sqaure miles. When you get to the prarie coastline, you will see a large ocean which spreads out over an area of 100,000 sqaure miles. I am sending four exploration teams to map each area. When you get done mapping, contact me, and return here. You are all dismissed.”
The Amderestan troopers took a transport, and went to the polar region. When they got there, Amderestan Trooper Henolis ordered the others to spilt up, and map each sector. At 0900 hours in Sector 45-A, Ten Amderestan Troopers scanned the snow, and tried to find some minerals. The only thing they found was a long stone wall made out of granite. Amderestan Trooper Venlon bent down to look at the snow. He turned his head towards the right.
He said,”Henolis, come over here. You got to see this.”
Amderestan Trooper Henolis got up, and walked to the other trooper’s location. Amderestan Troopers Zencuin, Veslon, Centurin, and Zelnis bent down and looked at the mostly buried wall.
Amderestan Trooper Venlon said to Henolis,”There’s a city buried under the snow. I’ve found something.”
Amderestan Trooper Venlon picked up a long spear. Amderestan Trooper Henolis activated his VACS, and said,”Jonathan, we’ve just finished mapping the polar region.”
Henolis turned his VACS off, climbed into the transport, along with the other 99 troopers, and flew a distance of 30 miles. He landed the transport in Amderesta 1’s Docking Bay. The Amderesta subfleet took off, and regrouped with the other subfleets.
On Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K’s Bridge, Ensign Johnny Lencon looked at the Scanner display, and said,”There’s a sqaudron of Blackanian fighters in front of the fleet.”
Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon said to Traffic Control Officer, Ensign Jackson over the VACS,”Tell the shuttle, and transport Flight Control Officers to take-off.”
Over in Traffic Control, Traffic Control Officer, Lt. Witmains said to the Flight Control Officers over the VACS,”You’re clear for launch.”
The Flight Control Officers launched the shuttles, and troop transports in a attack formation, and headed towards the Blackanian fighters.
Back on the Bridge, Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon acitivated the VACS, and said,”All pilots report in.”
Pilot #1’s Voice said,”Command Shuttle Alpha-C, reporting in.”
Pilot #2’s Voice said,”Command Shuttle Beta-C, reporting in.”
Pilot #3’s Voice said,”Command Shuttle Delta-C, reporting in.”
Pilot #4’s Voice said,”Command Shuttle Episilon, reporting in.”
Pilot #5’s Voice said,”Troop Transport Alpha, reporting in.”
Pilot #6’s Voice said,”Troop Transport Beta, reporting in.”
Pilot #7’s Voice said,”Troop Transpot Delta, reporting in.”
Pilot #8’s Voice said,”Troop Transport Episilon, reporting in.”
Pilot #9’s Voice said,”Medical Shuttle Alpha, reporting in.”
Pilot # 10’s Voice said,”Cargo Shuttle Alpha, reporting in.”
The ten pilots armed their weapons, and fired at the Blackanian fighters. Pilot #1 contacted Pilot #3 on Command Shuttle Delta, and told him to watch his left. In 15 minutes, the Blackanian fighters were destroyed, and the ten Flight Control Officers returned to Amderesta 1.
Now, two children, Flight Control Officer, Lt. Jack Forrester, and Medical Officer, Lt. Laura Forrester’s eleven year old daughter Lucy Forrester, and Joshua Sanison played a game of tennis with the civilian recreation director.
Lucy Forrester asked the director,”What is the score?”
The Recreation Director repiled,”The score is 15 to 12.”
The match continued for another two hours. Joshua Sanison won the match. Now the 5th ASCCAF arrived in the Amtyoris system. All of the commanding officers were onboard the Alantina. They planned to map the Amtyoris system.
On Alantina’s Bridge, Commander Rochester activated his log recorder, and said,”Commander’s log, date Febaury 15, 90,000. The 5th ASCCAF has just entered the Amtyoris system. Each subfleet has each of the 15 planets. I’ve sent a message to President Tenlon.”
Three days later on Febuary 18, 90,000, Commander Rochester received a message from President Tenlon. Down on Amtyoris One, Captian William Lencon was in the forest with five troopers. They went out, and mapped Sector 36-A. Just then, a hologram appreared in the form of Lt.Colonel Jonathan Lencon.
Jonathan said to William,”I’m sorry that I couldn’t come in person. I got a message for you. I want you to take to transport to Sector 45. There’s someone over there who would like to see you.”
Captian William Lencon asked,”Who is this person?”
Jonathan repiled,”This person is your friend. His name is Private Brad Soonis.”
William got in a speeder, and flew over to Sector 45. He stopped the speeder, stepped off, and walked to a tree stump. He sat down on the stump, and looked behind. Just then a person came up to the stump.
He said,”William, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Private Brad Soonis. My shuttle crashed over in Sector 40. I’ve been here for eight years now.”
Captian William Lencon, and Private Brad Soonis got on a transport, and they flew over to a shabby looking house
Captian William Lencon said to Brad in a state of shock,”Is this your house? I thought your house was a lot bigger. I don’t see any electronics in your house.”
Private Brad Soonis repiled,”Look, all of my building suppiles were destroyed in the crash. This was all the suppiles, that I could find in this forest.”
Captian William Lencon Lencon activated his VACS, and said,”Sir, I have found this person. He has been here for 8 years now. He told me to ask you if was okay for him to come along.”
Jonathan’s Voice repiled,”He can come with us.”
William switched his VACS off, put it in his utility belt, and said,”Brad, you better pack up. My commanding officer said that it was okay for you to come along.”
Brad packed up his few suppiles, and got on the transport with William.
He asked William,”What is going on back home?”
William repiled,”We have a new government. It’s called the 4th Amderestan Republic.”
Brad said to William,”The 4th Republic, I thought the 3rd Republic, and AAR were in power.”
William repiled,”Elections for 4th Republic President, and Senators were held back in December.”
Two minutes later, they arrived with the map. William handed the map over to Jonathan. Jonathan said,”Good, we have all the areas mapped.”
The Amderesta Subfleet took off, and regrouped with the Alantina. In Amderesta 1’s Breifing Room, Jonathan put all the inch long discs into the Computer Access Terminal Station. Amderesta 1’s computer sent the data to Alantina’s holoprojector.
On the Alantina, Commander Rochester activated the holoprojector in the Level 1 Starboard Stellar Observation Room, and it showed the image of the Amtyoris system.
Two days later on Alantina’s Bridge, Commander Rochester activated his Log Recorder, and said,”Commander’s log, date Febuary 20, 90,000. The 5th ASCAF has just left the Amtyoris system. I have been contacted by five Yenturian ambassadors. We made an agreement between us. The agreement said that we couldn’t attack them, and they couldn’t attack us. I called all the high ranking officers to a breifing. We discussed plans to explore the Renchia system.”
Commander Rochester, and General Teronis was in the Level Three Docking Bay, and they conducted an inspection of the shuttles. General Teronis went over to one of the shuttles. He bent down, and looked at it. Just then, the ramp opened, and came down on General Teronis, which knocked him out. A Wenglit trooper walked out of the shuttle.
He walked over to Commander Rochester, and said,”Your friend was so stupid, and dumb. He didn’t know there was a ramp behind him. He could have moved, but no he had to stay there.”
General Teronis got up, and said,”What happened?”
Commander Rochester repiled,”You were out for about two minutes. I was just talking to a Wenglit trooper. He told me you were-“
General Teronis interupted, and said,”Stupid, and dumb.”
Now the Amderesta Subfleet was on the planet Renchanis One, and mapped it. Lt. Commander Brad Lencon walked down a trail with Amderestan Trooper Henslonis, and they collected some planet samples. Just then a Yenturian stopped them.
He said,”Greetings, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hentori of Airidian. I’m Banturi’s younger brother. I have something to tell you. My government has formed an alliance with the Southwest Liberation Army. Here’s the details of the plan. Two years after the war starts, the Yenturian Defense Force will invade the northern half of the Amderesta galaxy. Tell your president about the plan. I better let you go down the trail. I’ll see you around.”
Lt. Commander Brad Lencon, and Amderestan Trooper Henslonis continued to collect samples. Two minutes later, the two of them saw a village at the end of the trail.
Amderestan Trooper Henslonis activated his VACS, and said,”Jonathan, We have found an Yenturian village in Sector 78. While we were walking down this trail. I saw a Yenturian walk towards us. He stopped us, and gave us a disc. It contains information pertaining to an alliance between the SouthWest Liberation Army, and the Yenturian Federation.”
Amderestan Trooper Henslonis turned his VACS off, and he walked into the village with Lt. Commander Brad Lencon. They mapped the village.
Just then, another Yenturian walked over to them, and said,”Greetings, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chief Tesanoru of Renchia Five. I would like to give you a gift.”
Chief Tesanoru reached into a basket, and pulled out a small box-like object, and handed it over to Brad. He put it in his utility belt, and said,”Thank You.”

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Amderesta The 3rd Republic

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