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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Early Version of Amderesta The 4th Republic #3.

I came across an email I sent myself back in 2006 which had early versions of my writing which appear in their current form in my novels Amderesta The 4th Republic #2, Amderesta The 4th Republic #3, and Amderesta The 3rd Republic. This beginning to my novel Amderesta The 4th Republic #3. The Colonization is completely different than the handwritten version which is also the one used in the published version of my book.

Amderesta: The 4th Republic #3. The Colonization

by Daniel Zazitski

Chapter 1

Two weeks after the unconditional surrender of the Second Southwest

Amderestan Military Republic Defense Force, President Tenlon sat in the

Level 1 breifing room with Jason Ancalin,director of the Amderestan Census


President Tenlon said,Director Ancalin,I would like you to conduct a

census of the population here in the Amderesta galaxy."

Director Jason Ancalin repiled,"Very well,Mr. President.I'll contact

the state level agents."

Meanwhile on Base Matilda 4,the ship commanders of the 5th Amderestan

Spacefleet Corp Combat Assault Starfleet were assembled in the level 15

breifing room.Commander Rochester stood from his chair to address the group

He said,"Thank you for coming here.As you know,Atorsia 7 Medical Center

recieved alot of damage during the war,so half of the medical officers

are being given temporary assignment at Atorsia 7 Medical Center for 4


Brigadier General Jonathan Lencon asked,"Who's getting temporary assign-

ment from my crew."

Commander Rochester repiled,"Doctor Reynolds,Doctor Christians,Doctor

Anderson-Lencon,Doctor Sanders,Doctor Williamson,and Doctor Conells.

They'll be leaving tommorrow morning at 0300 to go out with the Alantina's

Medical personnel to Atorsia 7.The other personnel will have four months

of leave coming up.Your Engineering personnel is being temporarly

assigned to Base Epilison 1 for a two,and a half year period to conduct

repairs to the base caused during the attack by the Yenturians three years


Ten minutes later,everyone left,and Jonathan walked out of the room. He

stepped into the corridor,and walked over to the central turbolift.

He opened the doors,and walked inside.The doors closed,and the computer

asked Jonathan to select a level.

"Level 1,"Jonathan said,into the computer's voiceprint command comm system.

The turbolift went down to level 1,and the doors opened.Jonathan walked

out,and he proceeded towards the virtual reality simulation room.Just

then,Sargeant Willis stopped him.

Sargeant Willis said,"Sir,the virtual reality simulation room is under

-going a level 3 system scan.You can use the one on port side.Which

program were you planning on running?"

Brigaider General Jonathan Lencon said,"The Amderesta 1-J attack in


Sargeant Willis repiled,"That one is very popular,sir.I'm on my way to

the recreation room to play Holographic War with Lt.Williams.

Our charactors are Spacefleet Combat Assault Force commanders.Our CAF's

are currently attacking the RDF along the border.Lt.Commander Gregory

is sending three corps to assist our CAF's.I better get going,sir."

Sargeant Willis walked down the central corridor to the Recreation

Room.At the same time,Brigaider General Jonathan Lencon walked into

the Port Virtual Reality Simulation Room.The doors closed,and he looked

around at the simulated bridge,and crew.Lt.Mark Haleson sat at the Flight

Control Console,and he looked out at the empty area of space bordering

the AMR-controlled Swearian region.Just then,Cheif Warrent Officer

Johnny Lencon saw three AMRA approach the ship on an attack vector.

He said,"Scanners just picked up three AMRA destroyers crossing the

treaty boundary.They are on an attack vector.We should go to battle

stations,and Code Red Alert,sir."

Lt.Colonel Christopher Lencon activated Code Red,and Battle stations alerts.

The wall indicator lights lit up red,and the alarms started blaring.Lt.

Just then,Brigadier General Jonathan Lencon's VAC beeped,he removed it,and

Commander Rochester's image appeared on the screen.

He said,"Lencon,I want your remaining personnel to proceed to the Swearia

System,and give aid to the Spacefleet personnel assigned to Planetary Base

Delta 22-E thirty sectors north of Swearia City.You'll leave at 2000 hours


Jonathan asked,"Sir,how long is our deployment?"

Commander Rochester repiled,"Five months,afterwards Commander Crentuin will

be giving new assignments."

At 2000 Hours,Brigadier General Ralph Lencon rotated his command chair to

face Lt.Commander Williams.

He said,"Williams,prepare for departure."

Lt.Commander Williams repiled,"Aye sir."

Lt. Ansign activated the Video-Audio Communicator,and said,"Base Matilda 4,

this is Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K requesting clearance to depart."

Traffic Control Officer Locsan's Voice repiled,"Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K you've

been cleared for departure from Level 1 Docking Bay.After departure remain at

1/4 Sublight Speed until you reach the outer marks,then increase to Hyperlight."

Lt.Ansign said,"Copy that Traffic Control,1/4 Sublight until outer markers."

Captian Williams activated the ascent thrusters,and lifted up Amderesta 1 off

the Docking Bay floor.He then activated the main thrusters,and proceeded at

1/16 Atmospheric Cruising Speed.The Space doors opened,and Captian Williams

flew Amderesta 1 through the Atmospheric Shield.He slid the speed controls

foward,and increased speed to 1/4 Sublight Speed.When Amderesta 1 reached the

outer markers,Captian Williams increased speed to Hyperlight Speed 22 in

Hyperlight-Sublight Intergration Mode.

Brigaider General Jonathan Lencon rotated his Command Chair to face the

Flight Control console where Captian Williams sat.

He said,"Williams' what's our ETA to Swearia?"

Captian Williams repiled,"24 hours at present speed,sir."

Meanwhile in ADF governed Calron City,Commander Locais,Defense Force Governor

of Calron State sat with his State Ministers,and the Senator representing

Caloron 1 in the Amderestan Senate.

He said,"Census Director Harrisan,The ACA is conducting a census of

Amderestans living in the Amderesta galaxy,and they want you to conduct it in

the southern Alazenia region."

Down in the street below,an Amderestan Security Force Checkpoint was set up

outside of State Executive Building.Five Officers with laser rifles patrolled

the main street for suspected SSWAMR colaberators who hadn't given alliegence

to the 4th Republic.Just then,a civilian speeder approached the checkpoint.

Colonel Harrison motioned for the speeder pilot to stop.The speeder pilot sped

up,and he flew by the checkpoint at a high rate of speed.Colonel Harrison

removed his VAC from his utility belt,and set it to Alpha Priority 7 Channel.

Colonel Harrison said,"Attention,Amderestan Security Force,and Calron State

Civilian Security Force.A green Episilon Class Speeder flew by my checkpoint

outside the SEB at a high rate of speed,ACS1.Be advised,there maybe

Colaberators for the former SSWAMR in the speeder."

Back on Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K,The Bridge personnel sat at their duty

stations.Captian Williams turned around to face Jonathan.

He said,"Sir,Engineering says they can increase HSIM to Hyperlight Speed 25.9

by increasing the SIF Generator fifty percent."

Brigadier General Jonathan Lencon repiled,"Very well,I'll have Engineering

modify the SIF Generator."

Over in Engineering,Engineering Officer Hensan went over to SIF Generator's

Computer Control Console,and he increased the output level by 50 percent.At

the Hyperlight reactor Control Console,Lt.Warris appiled the SIF output level

increase to the Hyperlight reactor's programing.Afterward,he went over to

Chief Engineering Officer Warrens.

He said,"Sir,we can increase to 25.9."

CEO Warrens repiled,"Very well,Warris."

Back on the Bridge,Captian Williams slid the speed control lever up to Hyper-

light 25.9.

Captian Williams said,"Sir,we should arrive in the Swearia system in 20 hours

,and 45 minutes."

Meanwhile on Troop Transport Epsilon,Cheif Engineering Officer Warrens went

over to the Flight Control Console.Warrent Officer Hensan turned his chair a-

round to face CEO Warrens.

He said,"Sir,the Commanding Officer of Base Episilon One reports their Main

Power systems have failed in Levels 2 through 6,and 11 through 16.Auxillary

Power in those Levels are at 56 percent.Secondary Power conduits were shorted

out,and need replacing.The Main Computer Generator has failed,and Auxillary's

at 10 percent.They have Weapons,Scanners,Shields,Communications,and Life Support set to MAM."

20 hours later,Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K established on orbit around Swearia.Lt.

Ansign contacted Swearia Traffic Control on the VAC.

He said,"Swearia Traffic Control,This is Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K requesting

clearance for Atmosperic entry,and landing."

A Swearian Traffic Control Officer repiled,"Amderesta 1 ASC 1737-K,you are

clear for atmosperic entry,and landing on Landing Platform Sigma 5.Remain at

1/16 Atmosperic Crusing Speed until you reach 11,000 feet."

Captian Williams entered Swearia's atmospere at 1/16 ACS,at 11,000 feet,he in

creased speed to 1/4 ACS.Captian Williams landed Amderesta 1 on Landing Platform Sigma 5.He deactived the thrusters,and got from his chair.

Brigadier General Jonathan Lencon said,"Computer,this is Brigadier General

Jonathan Lencon,authorization Alpha 322156-Episilon-78,Security Access Alpha

Priority One.Take Bridge Control Consoles offline."

The Computer Voice repiled,"Bridge systems offline."

Jonathan,and the bridge personnel walked over to the Starboard Airlock Corrider Access Junction.

Back on Crescent,ACA Director Ancalin handed a datapad to President Tenlon.

It read:

Offical Census Report

1.Figure from 90,000 Census:35 Trillion

2.Figure from 90,010 Census:95 Trillion

President Tenlon said,"My office is recieving reports of food,and medical

shortages from thousands of systems.There are 10 unihabited galaxies in the

NDEGs.I'm proposing the colonization of those galaxies with the extra 60 tril

-lion Amderestan citzens.I'm also increasing the status of the Northern Dwarf

Eliptical Galaxies Protectorate to a colony."

12 weeks later,A fleet of Colonial Transport Vessels assembled 50 light-years

from the northern galactic edge of the Amderesta galaxy.The vessels held the

60 Trillion Amderestans,and suppiles to inhabit the northern 10 Dwarf galaxies

in the NDEG.

On the Genesis,Commander Asalin contacted the other CTVs,He said,"20 Billion

people will be settled on each planet with suppiles,Power Generators,Communi

cation Generators,and Temporary shelters.