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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Amderesta The 4th Republic #1 Excerpt

Chapter One: Exploration of the Amderina Galaxy
The 5th Fleet was assembled near the space station Matilda Four , which orbited Amderesta 1.
Over on Alantina’s Bridge, the 15 commanding officers were assembled in the Briefing Room. Just then Commander Rochester entered the room. He was tall, had brown hair, brown eyes, and a medium build.
“Gentlemen, I've received word from President Tenlon concerning our assignment to Operation Northern Projection.” Commander Rochester said, “Our orders are to clear the BDF forces from the NDEG.”
“What'll prevent them from restablishing a presence once we leave?” Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon responded from the end of the table.
“We'll most likely establish a protectorate for the Yenturian survivors.” Commander Rochester answered.
“I'm the reason we've been picked for this.” Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon said.
“What makes you say that?” Colonel Johassen responded.
“I have something Sevan wants.” Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon told him. “I can't say anything more.”
“You're referring to Seltan's assassination?” Another CO inquired.
“Indirectly.” Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon answered.
Commander Rochester activated the tabletop holographic projector, which brought up a map of the NDEG in three dimension.
“I have a feeling they are going to let us proceed to a certain point.” Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon commented.
“Where?” Grand Admiral Tolkien responded.
“Allian.” Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon told him, “They have a planet destroyer waiting in orbit. According to sources, Sevan told Airian to leave the shield generator online.”
“What for?” Colonel Johassen inquired.
“They want to trap us.” Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon answered. “We should've took care of this four years ago.”
Sargeant Mike Tenris said,”I want to see my brother. He was wanting to come along, but he got transferred to Base Matilda Three.”
Commander Rochester repiled,” You can see him.”
Sargeant Mike Tenris walked down the bridge access corridor, hung a left, walked down the Docking Bay corridor, and entered. Sargeant Tenris walked across the docking bay to the shuttle hold next to Mechanical Repair, and entered the Episilon class command shuttle.
Over on the Command Shuttle’s bridge, Sargeant Mike Tenris sat at the Flight Control station, and activated the Hyperlight, Sublight, and Auxillary Power Reactors, followed by the forward thrusters, ascent thrusters, and the port, and starboard thrusters.
Afterward, he contacted Alantina Traffic Control, and requested launch clearance. After Traffic Control cleared him for launch, Sargeant Tenris activated the ascent thrusters, which raised the Command Shuttle from the docking clamp, switched over to the forward thrusters, and flew out of the Level 1 Docking Bay.
Ten minutes later, Sargeant Tenris’ Command Shuttle approached Base Matlida Three, which was in an low orbit around Amdresta Two, and landed in the Level 3 Docking Bay. After landing, he stepped out of the shuttle, and went over to the Docking Bay doors. Just then, his brother, Security Chief Will Tenris came into the Docking Bay.
He said,”I know you wanted to see me, but the station is on an evacuation alert.”
Just then, the kalxon alarms blared, and the alert lights flashed red. The two raced to a transport, and took off . When all of the shuttles were 10.4 kilometers from Base Matilda Three, it tumbled out of control, entered the atmosphere, and exploded.
The 14 other Commanding Officers, which included, Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon, Colonel Johassen, and Admiral Tolkiens returned to their ships.
Three and a half hours later, the fleet left the Amderesta system, and traveled for two and a half days. Three days later, the 5th ASCCAF entered the Amderina galaxy.
The Amderesta Sub-Fleet went to the Airidan system. They landed on an medium sized planet. It had an forest like terrian. The atmosphere consisted of oxygen, carbon dioxcide, and nitrogen. After they set up camp, the officers went to map the forest.
Officer Bradslon asked Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon,”Why aren’t there any people on the planet?”
Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon repiled,”5 years ago, the Amdrestan Army Republic fought an war with the Yenturians. The Blackanians sent a virus in an Yenturian Defense Force Intergalactic Balistic Missile to AAR controlled space. The AAR put blame on the Yenturians, and they sent an invasion force to wipe them out. The conflict between the two sides lasted for 6 months. The Ion Federation evacauted most of the sirvivors to an unihabited galaxy in the Northern Group.
Now the troopers were in the east side of the forest. As they followed a trail, they heard blaster fire come from the bushes. The Amderestan troopers returned fire at the bushes. Suddenly, a male Yenturian came from the bushes, and looked at the troopers.
Banturi said,”Greetings, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Banturi. I heard about your mission. I’m greatful you came to our planet. We’ve been without an vistor for five years now. Go, and tell your leader to come to Sector 56-C. We want to find out about your galaxy’s history.”
Amderestan Trooper Venton said,”Thank you for this converstation. We’ll tell our leader.”
Now, Amderestan Trooper Richards asked Banturi,”Why are you still alive? I thought all life on the planet was wiped out.”
Banturi repiled,”During the war, we made a formula that made us immune from the neutron radiation.”
He turned, and looked into the village, and motioned to Scout #1. Scout #1 walked to the entrance.
“Go to Sector 5, and tell the Amderestans to come to Sector 56.” Banturi said.
Scout #1 hopped on a speeder,and he took off. He flew through the forest, and almost had a impact with Scout #2’s speeder. Scout #1 continued into the forest, and kept on flying until he saw some starships. Scout #1 stopped the speeder, stepped off , and walked towards Jonathan.
Lt.Colonel Jonathan Lencon said,”Private, what are you up to wearing that disguise?”
He pulled on the Yenturian scout’s cheek, with the assumation he wore some kind of mask. The Yenturian scout told them to come to Sector 56. The officers followed the scout into the forest.A while later , the Officers, and the Yenturian Scout entered the village.
One week later, the officers, troopers, and the Yenturians were assembled in the council hut. The Amderestan tropers struck up an converstation with the Yenturian Scouts. Jonathan snapped his finger to get everyone’s attention.
He said,”Listen up,” I’m going tell you our galaxy’s history. It all started a long time ago. The Amderestan systems were all independent, and free. They were independent of each other . In 3500 B.C, a tribe called the Amdronians , and the other tribes formed a federation, which lasted for 500 years. Two centuries later, the Tithians attacked the tribes near the Alazenia, and Taronia Region’s eastern border. The tribes banded together, and defeated the Tithians. 28 years later, the Calorians decleared their indepence from the Tithian Empire. Their independence lasted five years. In 1000 B.C, the Amderestan tribes sent representatives to a convention. The convention voted to form a federation. 200 years later, the Amderestan Alliance of Independent Systems organized the Amderestan Federation. From 850 to 800 B.C, the Amderestan Federation fought a war with the Tithian Empire in the Alazenia Region. The Amderestan Federation, and the Alazenian Resistance won the war. In 578 B.C, the council voted to form a court system. In 478 B.C, the council elected a king to rule over them. King Terisian sent ADF forces to the northern edge of the Amderestan Kingdom. The Swearians, and Tourist thought the ADFCAGs were a threat, so they launched an attack on the ADF forces. Commander Tunisian sent message to the Royal council, which detailed the attacks on his forces. Two days later, the council declared war, and the Swearians, and Tourists. The 7th ADFCAG was ordered to attack the bases near the Amderestan border. The fighting lasted for 45 years. 445 years later, the Amderestan citizens overthrew the king. The council declared a republic, and elected a convention to create a government. Ten days later, the citzens accepted the 1st Amderestan Republic.
“Over the next thousand years, the 1st Republic increased the size of the Amderestan Defense Force, Amderestan Intelligence Agency, and other organizations. From 1789 to 1903, the 1st Republic went through a period of war.
In 1910, the Amderestan Senate invited the Tourists to send a representive to represent the Tourist Region. In 1930, the Amderestan Security Force found a plan to overthrow the 1st Republic. The Tourist Federation started to launch attacks on ADF forces. 100 years later, the Amderestan Spacefleet Corps organized a fleet of starships to map the Amderesta Region. In 2050, an ASC starship captian created a fleet of starships. His fleet spent two years mapping the galaxy. In 2052, the Tourist Federation invaded the Plentuis system. The ADF spent forces to defend the planet. When the war ended, the Amderesta Sub-fleet discovered a wormhole outside the Plentuis system. They went through the wormhole, and spent a year along the edge of the Analkian Galaxy. Two years later, the Tourist Defense Force attacked the Reyen system.The Amderestan Sub-Feet went to the Reyen system to help them rebuild. One year later, the Amderestan Sub-fleet found the main Tourist Base for the Northeast Amderestan Region, which had been under Tourist control since 1991. Seven vessels went to attack the base, but they were destroyed . The next year,the Tourist launched attacks on ADF bases in the other three regions. The ADF bases were captured by the Tourists. Five months later, the Tourist took Crescent. They established the Tourist Empire which lasted for 70 years.
“In 2070, the Alliance to Restore the Amderestan Republic created the 2nd Amderstan Republic. The ADF launched an offensive into the Tourist Region. The Tourist Region was annexed in to the 2nd Republic along with the Taronia Region.
In 2071, the ADF invaded the Rylon-Tylonian galaxy. The war lasted for a year. The 2nd Republic occupied the Rylon-Tylonian galaxy for three months. In 2090, the Amderstan Sub-fleet went to Reyen. Captian Charles Lencon resigned his Spacefleet commission. His son, John took command, adopted his nephew, and spent seven years mapping the Parisia Region. In 2097, some terrible happened, Jonathan lencon got killed in a battle with the Swearians. Ralph Lencon took command, and continued to map the Parisia region. In 2098, the 2nd Republic annexed the Alazenia, and Parisia region. The Amderestan Sub-fleet was stationed at Base Matilda three for a one year refit. In 2099, the Amderesta subfleet went on a five year mission to map the Alazenia region. In 2100, the Blackanians attacked an Alliance Base in the galaxy C-1. The war which resulted from the attacked lasted 61 Years. From 2162 to 2450, a period of war exsisted between the 2nd Amderestan Republic, and the Swearian Federation. In 2450, the Swearian Federation overthrew the 2nd Republic. They established an empire which lasted for fifty years.
“In 2500, the 3rd Amderestan Republic was established. 300 years later, the 3rd Republic, and four factions of the Amderestan Army fought a civil war for 210 years. The 3rd Republic leaders fled to the southeasternmost part of the galaxy. In 6500, the Blackanians started another war. They were exiled to the Northern Dwarf Eliptical Galaxies. In 6550, the 3rd Amderestan Republic, NEAAR, SEAAR, NWAAR, SWAAR sent a fleet to the Pairisian Dwarf Galaxies. The Pairisians saw the fleet as an threat, so they launched an attack on the fleet. The Fighting lasted for two weeks. The Pairisians surrendered to the fleet. The galaxies were divided among the five republics. In 7080, the four Amderestan Army Republics united, and established the Amderestan Army Republic. The Amderestan Army Republic sent an invasion force to attack the 3rd Republic. The two fleets fought for two months. On March 1, 7080, the 3rd Amderestan Republic launched an offensive against the Amderestan Army Republic. The AARDF was driven back to the Amtronis system. Six months later, the 3rd Republic launched an attack on Sector 4456. 44. The AARDF Combat Assault Forces in the south got destroyed. On September 20, 7080, the 3rd Amderestan Republic forces invaded the Alazenia region. The AAR Forces was caught off guard. The Amderestan Defense Force launched a three-pronged assualt. Ten weeks later, The 3rd Republic recaptured the Alazenia Region. On December 5, 7080, the ADF invaded the Parisia Region. The ADF Forces advanced to the northern edge of the Amderestan Galaxy. In 7095, the AAR signed a peace treaty with the 3rd Amderestan Republic. The 3rd Republic sent ADFCAGs, and ADFIAGs to the Alazenia, and Parisia Regions.3,020 years later, the 3rd Republic sent the 1st Fleet to the Ranchanian Galaxy. The Amderestans, and Ranchanians shared information with each other. In 11, 500, the 3rd Amderestan Republic sent an ambassador to the Ranchanian Federation. The ADF sent a fleet to the Ventonis system.”
Four days later on Amderesta 1’s Bridge, Jonathan turned his message screen on. He said,”Lt. Colonel’s log, date Jauanary 27, 90,000. We’ve spent three days mapping the Renchia system. I have sent 14 troopers on a mission. I have sent the commander a map of all 12 planets.”
Two days later, on January 29, 90,000. the 5th ASCCAF picked up an energy reading 15 parsecs west, and 12 parsecs south. Warrant Officer Bradley went to Atoris 4. The 5th Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Combat Assault Fleet had gathered infront of an massive energy field.
Meanwhile on Amderesta 1, in the Starboard Stellar Observation Room.
Officer Johnson asked,”What is that thing?”
Jonathan repiled,”It’s an Ionian Temporal Transport Field.”
Warrant Officer Tronisian asked,”What does it do?”
Jonathan repiled,” It transports people between the past, and future .”
Two hours later, Commander Rochester ordered the 5th ASCCAF to move 3,000 miles to the north. Two hours later, on Alantina’s Bridge, Colonel Jackson spotted a fleet of destroyers in front of them.
He said,”Commander, there’s a fleet of destroyers in front of us.”
Commander Rochester repiled,”Attention all ships, this is the Commander speaking. Tell your Weapon Control Officers to start firing on the Destroyers.”
The 5th ASCCAF fired contiunuously at the Blackanian Fleet. 15 Destroyers got destroyed in the first 8 minutes. Amderesta 1 broke formation, and flew towards a Blackanian destroyer.
On Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K’s Bridge, Jonathan said to Sargeant Teronis,”I want you to set a collision course with that destroyer.”
Sargeant Teronis said to Jonathan,”Sir, you are crazy.”
Weapon Controller Cronis fired at the destroyer, and impacted the main power generator. Sargeant Teronis increased Amderesta 1’s speed. The ship went into the destroyer which caused it to come apart. Fifteen seconds later, Amderesta 1 emerged from the destroyer which exploded. Amderesta 1 turned around, and headed back towards the fleet.
Back on Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K’s Bridge, Commander Rochester called Jonathan, and said to him,”Jonathan, that was awesome.”
Jonathan repiled,”Thank you, commander.”
One hour later, the Blackanians surrendered to the Amderestans. After the Blackanians surrendered, the 5th ASCCAF went to the Hetronis system.
Over in Alantina’s Level One Briefing Room, Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon, Admiral Tolkiens, Colonel Johassen, and the other 12 Sub-Fleet commanders sat around the Breifing Room table.
Commander Rochester said,”Thank you for coming to this meeting. The next system we’ll explore is the Hetronis system, which has 15 planets. Each subfleet will land on a planet, and map it. After your fleet has explored, and mapped that planet, you’ll then bring the information to me.”
Jonathan got up, walked to the elevator, and waited for the doors to open. Just then, the doors opened. He walked in the elevator.
“Level One, please.”Jonathan said
The doors closed, and the elevator descended to Level One. Jonathan walked to his shuttle in the Docking Bay, and entered it.
Three minutes later, Jonathan’s shuttle landed in Amderesta 1’s Docking Bay. Amderesta 1 entered the atmosphere. The ship went so fast it flew past the platform. When Jonathan realized they flew past the platform.
He said to Lt. Williams,”Look at what you’ve done. You were going so fast you flew past the landing platform.”
Jonathan reached over, and switched the flight control station to voice-controlled mode.
“Landing platform, please.”Jonathan said
Amderesta 1’s computer turned the ship around. Ten minutes later, Amderesta 1 landed on the platform. Amderesta 1’s thruster engines cut off. A ramp came out, and it hit the platform. Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon walked out onto the platform followed by the 100 enlisted Amderestan troopers. Jonathan, and the troopers walked over to the entrance. Jonathan reached down, and pressed a button. The platform rose up to reveal an entrance. Jonathan, and the troopers stepped on the stairway, It took them to the bottom. Jonathan stepped off the stairs. He walked towards the computer.
Amderestan Trooper Herolis asked Jonathan,”What kind of base was this, and who’s was it?”
Jonathan repiled,”It was an Ion Base. The base was attacked about ten years ago. The Yenturians claimed the Ions were trying to take-over their land. Only five out of the 100 troopers sirvived the attack. I’m sending half of you in the forest to map it. If you run into trouble, just call me, and help will arrive at your location.”
50 out of the 100 troopers went out to map the forest. Just then, a tall creature appeared directly behind him. Amderestan Trooper Herolis climbed up to the top of the tree, pulled his blaster out, and fired at the creature which made it mad. The creature ran towards the tree, and impacted it, which caused it to tilt over at an 45 degree angle. Just then, a gust of wind came, and it blew the tree over. Amderestan Trooper Herolis landed 18 meters away from the tree. He looked back and found out the tree fell on the creature. The troopers mapped the northern part of the forest for seven days.
Over on Amderesta 1’s Bridge, Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon turned his message screen on.
He said,”Lt. Colonel’s log, date Febuary 5, 90,000. We have been on this planet for seven days now. The mapping has been going fairly well. I haven’t been contacted within the last 72 hours. Just then two of the troopers came with the map. One of them told me that five troopers were lost in a coal mine. After the troopers were found, we left the planet, and regrouped with the other subfleets. Just then, I got an order from Commander Rochester. He told me the fleet was supposed to go to the Gerunis system. When we got there, something strange happened.”
The 5th ASCCAF had been in the Gerunis system for twelve hours. On Amderesta 1, Lt.Colonel Jonathan Lencon sat in his qaurters, and watched the news. Just then, he heard someone pound on his door.
He opened the door, and asked,”What you doing here, Lieutenant?”
Security Chief Venturis asked,”Sir, Can we have a raise?”
Jonathan got up, and shouted to the Security Officers,”No! You can’t have a raise.”
Security Chief Venturis said,”Colonel, we have been wanting a raise for a long time.”
An enraged Jonathan repiled,”Get out of my site!”
The Security Officers left the corridor, and went to the Officer’s club. Over on Alantina, Commander Rochester sat in his living quarters, and read a book on his datapad. Just then someone knocked on the door. He opened the door to reveal a young female doctor.
Commander Rochester asked,”What is your name?”
The Doctor repiled,”My name is Christina Bradson, I’m the chief medical officer. My job is to tell the other medical officers, and enlistees what to do.”
Commander Rochester asked Christina,”Where’s your living quarters located at?”
Doctor Christian Bradson repiled,”It’s the room on the very end of the corridor just before Level 1 Engineering.”
Commander Rochester asked,”What side is it on?”
Doctor Christina Bradson said,”It’s on the left side of the hallway.”
Commander Rochester followed Dr. Christina Bradson down the hallway. When they got there she walked towards the door and punched in the room entrance code number. The door opened, and the two of them stepped into the room. They walked over to the couch, and sat down.
Doctor Christina Bradson said to Commander Rochester,”Tell me something about your childhood, sir.”
Commander Rochester repiled,”When I was ten years old, my friend, and I were walking down the ship after lockdown. I came to a door and opened it. After I opened the bridge door, I looked in and wrote down what everyone was doing. When the security officer came over there, he asked me,’William, what are you doing up after lockdown?’ I repiled,’I was just looking around sir.’ After that, the Security officer took me back to his quarters.”
Now, Dr.Christina Bradson got a call from Sickbay. She activated her VACS, and said,”Yes, doctor what is it now?”
Dr. John Williams Voice repiled,”We have code blue in area 4.”
Dr. Christina Bradson said,”I’ll be over there.”
Dr. Christina Bradson walked out of the room, and head towards sickbay area 4. When she got there, she found out the patient was an mechanic who was injuried about three days ago.
Dr. Christian Bradson asked one of the nurses,”What happened to the mechanic?”
Nurse Lisa Teronin repiled,”I was checking on his wounds, and then his heart stopped.”
Doctor Christina Bradson said,”I want the recessatator over here, stat.”
Nurse Lisa Teronin walked over, and brought the heart defibulator over. Doctor Chistina Bradson turned the machine on. She said,”One, two, three, four, clear.”
The shock hit the mechanic, and caused him to jump up, and back down on the bed. Dr. Christina Bradson tried the defibulator again, and this time it worked.
When the mechanic woke up, he asked,”What happened, doctor?”
Dr. Christina Bradson repiled,”Your heart stopped beating, so we had to defibulate you.”
Commander Rochester walked to his living quarters, and turned the Video Reception Screen on to ARNN Crescent. The image of ARNN Crescent’s studio appeared onscreen.
“Good morning, and welcome to an special edition of ARNN News at 0500.”
ARNN Anchor John Venlon said,”Three hours ago, two shuttles were flying in Sector 23-h. The shuttle Tyronia was going at a speed of 15,000 miles per hour. The shuttle’s destination was Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Base Airisan 41-A. Just then another shuttle appeared, and collided with the Tyronia. 43 passengers were killed, and 20 passengers were injured. The survivors were taken Base Airisan 41-A.”
Commander Rochester deactivated the VRS, and walked to the Level One Briefing Room. A group of people stood in the room.
One of them walked over, and said,”Greetings, Commander. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m the Ionian Ambassador to the 4th Amderestan Republic. I came here to find out about your mission. Commander, what is the time?”
Commander William Rochester repiled,”It’s 0630 hours, ambassador.”
Commander William Rochester, Ambassador Michael Trenton, Security Guard Bob Tenris, Security Guard Bradley Taylon, and three Ionian Gaurds walked out of the breifing room, and went to the cafateria. Two minutes later, the group entered the cafateria, and sat down at table #45.
Commander Rochester asked,”What are we have for breakfast?”
Cafateria Worker #1 repiled,”Pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and orange juice."
Ambassador Michael Trenton and the Ionian Gaurds got in line, and were severed. They walked over to the table, sat down, and ate. Commander William Rochester got up, and went to the briefing room. He manually opened the door, and walked in.
He said,”The next system we’ll explore is the Gerunis system. It is a 15 planet system. The 15 planets orbit two stars located 1 million kilometers west of Gerunis One. Each subfleet will go out, and map each planet. I want all the information you find down there. You’re dismissed.”
Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon went back to Amderesta 1, and he walked to the Briefing Room. He activated the holoprojector which showed an 3-D image of Gerunis One.
He said,”As all of you can see here, Gerunis One is a muli-terrian planet. The north is covered with two feet of snow, and ice. Just below the polar region is a forested area. There is about 5,000 sqaure miles of forest in the east. If you go 30 miles to the west, you’ll find a long mountain range with an abundance of metals. After you pass over the mountain range, you find a large prarie which spreads out over an area of 10,000 sqaure miles. When you get to the prarie coastline, you will see a large ocean which spreads out over an area of 100,000 sqaure miles. I am sending four exploration teams to map each area. When you get done mapping, contact me, and return here. You are all dismissed.”
The Amderestan troopers took a transport, and went to the polar region. When they got there, Amderestan Trooper Henolis ordered the others to spilt up, and map each sector. At 0900 hours in Sector 45-A, Ten Amderestan Troopers scanned the snow, and tried to find some minerals. The only thing they found was a long stone wall made out of granite. Amderestan Trooper Venlon bent down to look at the snow. He turned his head towards the right.
He said,”Henolis, come over here. You got to see this.”
Amderestan Trooper Henolis got up, and walked to the other trooper’s location. Amderestan Troopers Zencuin, Veslon, Centurin, and Zelnis bent down and looked at the mostly buried wall.
Amderestan Trooper Venlon said to Henolis,”There’s a city buried under the snow. I’ve found something.”
Amderestan Trooper Venlon picked up a long spear. Amderestan Trooper Henolis activated his VACS, and said,”Jonathan, we’ve just finished mapping the polar region.”
Henolis turned his VACS off, climbed into the transport, along with the other 99 troopers, and flew a distance of 30 miles. He landed the transport in Amderesta 1’s Docking Bay. The Amderesta subfleet took off, and regrouped with the other subfleets.
On Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K’s Bridge, Ensign Johnny Lencon looked at the Scanner display, and said,”There’s a sqaudron of Blackanian fighters in front of the fleet.”
Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon said to Traffic Control Officer, Ensign Jackson over the VACS,”Tell the shuttle, and transport Flight Control Officers to take-off.”
Over in Traffic Control, Traffic Control Officer, Lt. Witmains said to the Flight Control Officers over the VACS,”You’re clear for launch.”
The Flight Control Officers launched the shuttles, and troop transports in a attack formation, and headed towards the Blackanian fighters.
Back on the Bridge, Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon acitivated the VACS, and said,”All pilots report in.”
Pilot #1’s Voice said,”Command Shuttle Alpha-C, reporting in.”
Pilot #2’s Voice said,”Command Shuttle Beta-C, reporting in.”
Pilot #3’s Voice said,”Command Shuttle Delta-C, reporting in.”
Pilot #4’s Voice said,”Command Shuttle Episilon, reporting in.”
Pilot #5’s Voice said,”Troop Transport Alpha, reporting in.”
Pilot #6’s Voice said,”Troop Transport Beta, reporting in.”
Pilot #7’s Voice said,”Troop Transpot Delta, reporting in.”
Pilot #8’s Voice said,”Troop Transport Episilon, reporting in.”
Pilot #9’s Voice said,”Medical Shuttle Alpha, reporting in.”
Pilot # 10’s Voice said,”Cargo Shuttle Alpha, reporting in.”
The ten pilots armed their weapons, and fired at the Blackanian fighters. Pilot #1 contacted Pilot #3 on Command Shuttle Delta, and told him to watch his left. In 15 minutes, the Blackanian fighters were destroyed, and the ten Flight Control Officers returned to Amderesta 1.
Now, two children, Flight Control Officer, Lt. Jack Forrester, and Medical Officer, Lt. Laura Forrester’s eleven year old daughter Lucy Forrester, and Joshua Sanison played a game of tennis with the civilian recreation director.
Lucy Forrester asked the director,”What is the score?”
The Recreation Director repiled,”The score is 15 to 12.”
The match continued for another two hours. Joshua Sanison won the match. Now the 5th ASCCAF arrived in the Amtyoris system. All of the commanding officers were onboard the Alantina. They planned to map the Amtyoris system.
On Alantina’s Bridge, Commander Rochester activated his log recorder, and said,”Commander’s log, date Febaury 15, 90,000. The 5th ASCCAF has just entered the Amtyoris system. Each subfleet has each of the 15 planets. I’ve sent a message to President Tenlon.”
Three days later on Febuary 18, 90,000, Commander Rochester received a message from President Tenlon. Down on Amtyoris One, Captian William Lencon was in the forest with five troopers. They went out, and mapped Sector 36-A. Just then, a hologram appreared in the form of Lt.Colonel Jonathan Lencon.
Jonathan said to William,”I’m sorry that I couldn’t come in person. I got a message for you. I want you to take to transport to Sector 45. There’s someone over there who would like to see you.”
Captian William Lencon asked,”Who is this person?”
Jonathan repiled,”This person is your friend. His name is Private Brad Soonis.”
William got in a speeder, and flew over to Sector 45. He stopped the speeder, stepped off, and walked to a tree stump. He sat down on the stump, and looked behind. Just then a person came up to the stump.
He said,”William, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Private Brad Soonis. My shuttle crashed over in Sector 40. I’ve been here for eight years now.”
Captian William Lencon, and Private Brad Soonis got on a transport, and they flew over to a shabby looking house
Captian William Lencon said to Brad in a state of shock,”Is this your house? I thought your house was a lot bigger. I don’t see any electronics in your house.”
Private Brad Soonis repiled,”Look, all of my building suppiles were destroyed in the crash. This was all the suppiles, that I could find in this forest.”
Captian William Lencon Lencon activated his VACS, and said,”Sir, I have found this person. He has been here for 8 years now. He told me to ask you if was okay for him to come along.”
Jonathan’s Voice repiled,”He can come with us.”
William switched his VACS off, put it in his utility belt, and said,”Brad, you better pack up. My commanding officer said that it was okay for you to come along.”
Brad packed up his few suppiles, and got on the transport with William.
He asked William,”What is going on back home?”
William repiled,”We have a new government. It’s called the 4th Amderestan Republic.”
Brad said to William,”The 4th Republic, I thought the 3rd Republic, and AAR were in power.”
William repiled,”Elections for 4th Republic President, and Senators were held back in December.”
Two minutes later, they arrived with the map. William handed the map over to Jonathan. Jonathan said,”Good, we have all the areas mapped.”
The Amderesta Subfleet took off, and regrouped with the Alantina. In Amderesta 1’s Breifing Room, Jonathan put all the inch long discs into the Computer Access Terminal Station. Amderesta 1’s computer sent the data to Alantina’s holoprojector.
On the Alantina, Commander Rochester activated the holoprojector in the Level 1 Starboard Stellar Observation Room, and it showed the image of the Amtyoris system.
Two days later on Alantina’s Bridge, Commander Rochester activated his Log Recorder, and said,”Commander’s log, date Febuary 20, 90,000. The 5th ASCAF has just left the Amtyoris system. I have been contacted by five Yenturian ambassadors. We made an agreement between us. The agreement said that we couldn’t attack them, and they couldn’t attack us. I called all the high ranking officers to a breifing. We discussed plans to explore the Renchia system.”
Commander Rochester, and General Teronis was in the Level Three Docking Bay, and they conducted an inspection of the shuttles. General Teronis went over to one of the shuttles. He bent down, and looked at it. Just then, the ramp opened, and came down on General Teronis, which knocked him out. A Wenglit trooper walked out of the shuttle.
He walked over to Commander Rochester, and said,”Your friend was so stupid, and dumb. He didn’t know there was a ramp behind him. He could have moved, but no he had to stay there.”
General Teronis got up, and said,”What happened?”
Commander Rochester repiled,”You were out for about two minutes. I was just talking to a Wenglit trooper. He told me you were-“
General Teronis interupted, and said,”Stupid, and dumb.”
Now the Amderesta Subfleet was on the planet Renchanis One, and mapped it. Lt. Commander Brad Lencon walked down a trail with Amderestan Trooper Henslonis, and they collected some planet samples. Just then a Yenturian stopped them.
He said,”Greetings, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hentori of Airidian. I’m Banturi’s younger brother. I have something to tell you. My government has formed an alliance with the Southwest Liberation Army. Here’s the details of the plan. Two years after the war starts, the Yenturian Defense Force will invade the northern half of the Amderesta galaxy. Tell your president about the plan. I better let you go down the trail. I’ll see you around.”
Lt. Commander Brad Lencon, and Amderestan Trooper Henslonis continued to collect samples. Two minutes later, the two of them saw a village at the end of the trail.
Amderestan Trooper Henslonis activated his VACS, and said,”Jonathan, We have found an Yenturian village in Sector 78. While we were walking down this trail. I saw a Yenturian walk towards us. He stopped us, and gave us a disc. It contains information pertaining to an alliance between the SouthWest Liberation Army, and the Yenturian Federation.”
Amderestan Trooper Henslonis turned his VACS off, and he walked into the village with Lt. Commander Brad Lencon. They mapped the village.
Just then, another Yenturian walked over to them, and said,”Greetings, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chief Tesanoru of Renchia Five. I would like to give you a gift.”
Chief Tesanoru reached into a basket, and pulled out a small box-like object, and handed it over to Brad. He put it in his utility belt, and said,”Thank You.”

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Amderesta The 3rd Republic

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