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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Serializing Second ATAC Book

As this point in time I have written the first seven chapters of my second Amderesta The Alcasian Conflict book and will continue to write until it's completed. The fully written chapters will be serialized on Wattpad starting next Friday over the next several weeks. As this book picks up where the first ATAC book ended, you might want read through that one first. Below is a list of dates when each chapter will be uploaded.

8/8/2014 Chapter One

8/15/2014 Chapter Two

8/22/2014 Chapter Three

8/29/2014 Chapter Four

9/5/2014 Chapter Five

9/12/2014 Chapter Six

9/19/2014 Chapter Seven

Chapters Eight through whatever will be serialized a few afterwards once they've been written.


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